Final Graphic Novel ContributionFrom this task, I have learned how to use illustrator and Evernote to complete the tasks in all 4 criteria. I have also learned ways in which I can keep track of my time, in order to meet the deadlines of all of the tasks. This task has taught me that visuals help reinforce a person’s understanding of a subject better than words, because visuals give the reader a base at which to start their thinking process, which will then allow the readers to imagine the scene playing out in their head. In this task, technology such as illustrator helps convey my message to the audience, through allowing the audience to visually interpret the scene in their own way as well as allow the audience to see the character’s relationships, thoughts and other details that might be too complex to understand in terms of words. Therefore these visuals will help the audience to understand the meaning of the words in the novel, as well as the possible significance of the scene.

I believe that visuals can change people’s perception of a scene, for they can give more background context than words. For the audience can see what is happening around the character and use this information to make an informed decision, whereas in the novel, the author sticks to the perception of Jim and does not pay attention to any of the other things happening in the scene.

In this task, I have ran into many challenges such as, short due dates, lack of people taking the survey, etc. However these challenges were overcame through perseverance, good time management and thorough communication with my peers. If I were to do this project again, I would try and finish each task as soon as possible, and if possible, start the next task sooner rather than later.