1) What creates opportunities for entrepreneurs to start a business?

 Opportunities are created by the people. Entrepreneurs are able to identify the needs/wants of society and use it to their advantage, once those needs and wants are identified entrepreneurs start selling those needs/wants to people.


2) How do entrepreneurs respond to the needs & wants of society?

Entrepreneurs use the needs and wants of society to get an idea of what services/products the people might like purchasing.

3) Why do individuals become entrepreneurs?

Individuals become entrepreneurs to make a profit or to find ways to help society

4) What drives innovation?

Innovation is driven by many factors, but the most important of them is satisfying the needs and wants of people. Satisfying needs and wants of others is the basis of what innovation is, to improve/add on to a product so that it is better for all.


5) Are the traits that are needed to be successful as an entrepreneur always the same?

Not all traits of being a successful entrepreneur are the same, but some are. Traits such as risk-taking, perseverance and insightfulness are part of what a entrepreneur is, one must be risk-taking to start their own business; one must persevere under enormous amounts of pressure; one must be insightful into what the public wants and needs.