Month: January 2015

Rhythm Sheets

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These two sheets show my ability to count up the notes and add the appropriate note/rest in the measure, for each measure had a missing note that I needed to fill in. Through this exercise, I have taken note that music is somewhat related to mathematics, for each measure can only have a specific number of notes and each note can be held for varying amounts of time. Therefore I needed to use my mathematical skills and my knowledge of how long each note/rest is held  to complete these tasks, which I must say were at some points challenging.

Scale Degrees

In this post, I have written down the scales of different major chords in both treble and bass clefs. The challenge with this task was that we needed to find the correct note using the scale degrees, ie tonic, supertonic, mediant, subdominant, dominant, submediant and leading tone. This allowed me to learn how to find notes using the scale degrees and improve upon my knowledge of how to find notes and their key signatures.


Scale Degree Worksheet

Scale Degree Worksheet

Musical Theory Unit

The musical content covered in class (music theories and performance) have helped me greatly in my development as a musician. I know have a greater knowledge of the treble and bass clef, the sharps and flats in the scales, etc. I also am able to move my fingers more agilely and read the music notes easier.


  •  Discuss the ways in which you are furthering your development as a musician.

There are a few ways in which I can further develop my ability as a musician. The first is more practise on my instrument (Saxophone) as well as more practise with parts of the music theory.


  •  Discuss how other musicians have inspired you to be more successful (consider musician in your class and/or in the school and/or outside of school).

Other musicians have inspired me to be more successful through their flowing music that, inspiring me to play my music similarly. With fluency and emotion so that the music is so much more better.

HKH 2014 Tin Hau Temple Group Documentary

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