Month: December 2014

Scarborough Fair Practical Performance Reflection

Question – Breath Support: What is the Benefit of having Good Breath Support, and What can you do to Develop it?


The benefit of having good breath support is that when you are playing a note, you can control the pitch so that if it is a quiet note (piano), then you can adjust your diaphragm to control how much air is going through the mouthpiece. If it is a loud note, then you will have to relax your diaphragm, but not too much, so that the most of the air can go through the mouthpiece at once. Breath Support can also help to make a note sound fuller, because if the note is too weak, then it won’t sound as good as a note that the musician has a good and stable breath support.

Malaria iBook Survey

Hey guys, here’s a survey that I would like you to do, it would help me a great deal if you did. Thanks!!

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