Month: March 2014

Save CDNIS, Our Home movie

Ours is a good movie because of the lighting in the video and the choice of shots and we also considered our background. A personal strength of mine that will serve the unit will be my ability to assess the situation and to choose the shots that should be made and put into the final product. A personal challenge in this unit will probably be to stay on task and to not get distracted by other things during my time outside school, as well as the distraction of the friends that will accompany throughout the process. I will manage these challenges by mentally forcing myself to not let my mind wander too far or to get my group mates to bring me back on task if my mind happens to wander off without me noticing.

Short Movie about CDNIS:

You Only Build Your Life Once

I need to improve on subjects like Science, a bit of Chinese a small portion of Math. I need to improve these things because my progress in them has been lacking, The thing that I need to do is to go to more of the revision classes and to do more reading in Chinese to improve my Chinese vocabulary. Science and Math would be going to the revision classes on Monday and Friday and working on the things that I really need to.

Criterion B. Task

Some strategies I learned when approaching Crit. B (Patterns) task were to to make chart and keep it simple and start with simple shapes or numbers to find patterns between them. If I could do this assessment over again, I would keep my shapes as simple as possible and use a chart to organise my findings and use them to find a pattern if their is any.

CNY Concert

I quite enjoyed participating in the Year Of the Horse CNY assembly performance, even though I was just a Saxophone player hidden from view by others standing before me. A reason why is that I really like the music given to me, it genuinely sounds like something you might hear from a Chinese movie or show, until the Gangnam Style part which I also have a liking to. Last year, we were given a Gangnam Style piece of music to play but it was quite difficult, perhaps it was because I was a clarinet player last year, but it could be for any reason. I was able to grow during the course of this performance, by learning new notes and improving my hand to eye coordination needed for moving my hands up and down the instrument selecting the correct buttons to press in accordance to the Year Of the Horse music piece that was laid out in front of me during the performance.

I was also pretty happy about being semi-hidden during the performance to a audience, because sometimes I do not perform well under the pressure of a grade’s worth of eyes staring at me. Therefore I am glad to have been put in the band as a Saxophone to play a brilliant piece of music which I have to thank Mrs. Lovett for that. All in all, I enjoyed the entire performance a lot!

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