Month: January 2014

2 of my best pieces of art

I have made a few pieces of art over the past 6 years, not all of those pieces of art I would like to proudly show people. The two in which I would choose as my best would be my sculpture of a tennis player moving and my copy of a painting made by Claude Monet, Haystacks.

Tape Sculpture of a Tennis Player

Tape Sculpture of a Tennis Player











Original of Claude Monet Painting, “Haystacks”








My Copy of “Haystacks”


Unit 2 Test: Rational Numbers “Show All Your Work”

The rational numbers skills that I am best at are computing rational numbers, showing how and where to place fractions/decimals onto a number line.

The skills that I need to work on are estimating answers when computing with rational numbers, solving real world problems involving rational numbers, finding the minimum value of two mystery fractions and finding the value of the same two mystery fractions with the lowest absolute value, and a few other things.

A strategy that helped me with this test was paying attention in class, asking help from peers, parents and teachers and going to revision class to learn the skill that I needed to work on.

A behaviour or strategy that I’d like to improve in school is to go to revision classes more to work on new skills or to work on old ones. A┬ábehaviour or strategy that I’d like to improve at home would be to review the things I learned in class and see if I can make sense of what they are.

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