Month: December 2013

Science Classification Summative Assessment

We recently had a science test on classifications of animal species. The easiest part of the test was naming the characteristics of life and explaining which characteristics relate to laptops and which don’t, another easy thing was filling out the Kingdom, the classification level with the most organisms and writing down the meaning of Binomial Nomenclature. The harder parts of the test were stating the 3 reasons why scientists classify organisms as well as finding permanent things that are appropriate to use for the tree diagram as well as coming up with a proper answer to tell people which salamanders were more closely related.

Fractions with Terminating and Non-Terminating Decimals

In this assessment, I did okay, but there are some improvements that are seriously needed, but there are also some areas where I am very strong in, for example:

In Criteria B, Investigation Patterns, I am strong in recognising the complex patters and writing down these patterns in my own words. Things I could improve in are showing my understanding of the patterns.

In Criteria C, Communication in Mathematics, I am strong in are using some relevant mathematical terms during the investigation. Thing that I want to improve on are to try and make my work a little more neater and easier to follow.

Final Book Jacket


Please do the survey please, thanks!

This is what the blurb looks like:

“Liesel Meminger is a normal German girl living in the year 1939 who’s brother died on a train and was given to another couple in a small village, 33 Himmel street in Munich. Although, when she discovers a forgotten book in the ground near her brothers grave, her life opens up to a new world of words and books, but these are troubling times, war is brewing and the Nazi’s are gaining support and will soon have total control of Germany and it’s people.


If that was it for Liesel, than she would have a normal life, apart from some book thievery. But that wasn’t it, when a Jew appears out of the lonely night with nothing but a small suitcase, a copy of “Mein Kampf” and salvation. When the Jew appears and the family takes him in, the family falls into paranoia, the thought of being caught throws the family into a blanket of fear and anxiety, the arrival of the Jew both opens up, and changes Liesel’s life forever.


Zusak makes  a fast paced and captivating intro that grips the readers and makes them stay put, wanting to find out what happens to Liesel and how will she cope with her losses. Over time, she makes friends with the other kids with similar problems as she, finding food, learning at school, and trying not to aggravate the and people on Himmel street, as well as acquaint herself with her mothers enemies and rich employers, Liesel has a eventful life, which is filled with some conflicting emotions that normal, near teenagers have on their personal, social and educational life.


Zusak writer of award-winning book, “The Messenger”, is no stranger to these kinds of stories, for example “The Messenger, and The Book Thief”, he makes this historical fiction very believable to a extent where the readers may actually believe that Liesel was real and that this novel was based on a actual event and that all the characters in the book as well as the events really did happen. This story makes shows a lot of character development that shows how Liesel deals with her problems, her fears and her life. This is a historical fiction novel with enough force to blast you back to the past!”


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