Month: November 2013

Book Cover Post-Final Draft

Please comment on this in any way you choose which is not offensive. Please tell me what I might need to improve on, except for the fact that there are no comments, because I haven’t gotten to that point yet. Thanks! 🙂 P.S Adult comments are preferred, because my target audience are Adults.

The Blue’s Unit reflection

I have been learning about “The Blues” for some time now, now I should answer a few questions about “The Blue’s”.

Have you learnt more about Blues Music?  Why? How? What?

I have learnt more about blue’s music and the way to compose a small, short blues piece by myself. I am more confident with my skills to both perform with and to compose a blues piece.

Did you enjoy listening to the Blues Music?  What song(s) did you enjoy the most?  Have you started to listen to more Blues music since beginning this music?

Yes, I enjoyed listening to the Blues Music, the song that I most enjoyed was either “Wild Card” or “Blues Down Under”, I have started to listen to a bit more blues music than usual.

Have you talked to your friends and parents more about Blues Music?

Yes, I have been talking to my friends and family more about the Blues, but I am mostly talking to them about the song’s that I play and how that I could improve my skills on that song, as well as practising times.

Did you enjoy playing Blues Music in class band?  Did you like the Blues Down Under song?  Why, or why not?

Yes, I did enjoy playing the Blues Music due to the sounds that the music produced. The Blues Down Under song was among my favourite pieces this unit, because it had a catchy tune with a bit of swing.

Did you play as a Blues Soloist in band?  Describe how that felt?

Yes I did, I felt quite nervous, because I was doing a solo which obviously is by myself, can’t cover it up with the other songs that the band made as a whole. Although it was quite relieving and encouraging when I was able to finish it smoothly.

Have you ever written a Blues Solo before?  Did you enjoy writing a Blues Solo?

Yes, I did write a Blues Solo before and I enjoyed it somewhat because I made it by myself and I used my knowledge of beat, rhythm and harmony to make it!

What was the best part of this unit?  (Go back and look at the Moodle Blues Unit items to refresh your memory)

The Best part of the unit was obviously the part where we got to actually play a piece or 2, because I’d rather play a song, rather than to listen to others talk about playing a song.

Book Jacket Mock-up’s

These are two design mock-ups for my book jacket project. I need your help deciding which book jacket to go with. Please leave a comment with your critical feedback.

Please complete these sentences: I like…, I wish…, What if… And make sure you tell me which mock-up you are referring to!

Mock-up #1:









Mock-Up #2










Man-Made Beach in Lung Mei

I have recently read a news article from South China Morning Post about  a Man-Made Beach being constructed around Lung Mei, there are conservationists who are their, protesting about the making of the beach. There is a gray line between this though, do we save the environment, or go with boosting the economy of that area. For example, the beach may be the living area for many species of marine animals, and the ecosystem of the coast where the beach may be constructed is already stable, therefore the conversationalists believe that the construction of the beach will damage the ecosystem and not only affect HK, but perhaps other countries as well. Dr Billy Hau Chi-hang, a lecturer at the University of Hong Kong’s school of biological sciences, quoted, “Lung Mei was of “undeniably” high ecological value. “When artificial sand is laid on the beach, the water flow will slow down. The seabed silt will, in the long run, turn black and odorous due to the marine organisms.” A few residents of Tai Po have different ideas though, a Tai Po resident, Clement Woo Kin-man quoted, “This area used to be 6km of sandy beaches, but because of the dam that has been built in the area, it’s not any more. All we’re asking is that we revert this 200m strip back to a beach.” While Woo and the rest of the residents’ association say the beach is primarily for the recreational purposes, and not economic, they admit that there are plans for resort spas to be developed in the area, which have been approved by the Town Planning Board. I’d say that the environment is more relevant to this article, because it is more about saving the environment or in the residents case, constructing a beach on it.

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