Month: October 2013

Science Tests!!

So far, my class has done around 4 different experiments: 1 that has to do with candles, baking soda and vinegar, another that has to do with mentos and soda’s, another to do with Whirligigs and finally, 1 that has to do with Paper Towels, so far I have done pretty well in putting down the needed components into my Scientific Process sheet, but n the last submission of the Scientific Process sheet, I didn’t do so well, therefore I’m hoping that this last submission of the Paper Towel Scientific Process will get me a higher and better mark than the last Scientific Process template that I did on Whirligigs.

The Scientific Process, than and now…

I used to think that science was just about finding things about atoms, germs and other interesting things. That science was just about mixing chemicals and finding out about certain things about the world and every living being in it. I thought that the scientific process was just a template where I record my process and thinking throughout the duration of your experiment…

But now, I think slightly differently than before. Now I think that Science is about many things, including testing’s of man-made objects. Now I know that the Scientific Process is just basically a template where we write/jot down notes from our experiment, but it also has a few sections of reflecting. Just like PYP process journal that tracks one’s thinking and process along the student’s progress.


My humanities map assessment

In humanities, we had to make a map of a country that was given to us by our teacher, but it was quite difficult for me to make a map, because: 1, I sometimes skipped ahead of the class and was forced to redo the map 3 times! 2. It was quite hard to wait for the class to decide of the legend, because most of the symbols were quite hard to make reference to the real thing. Although, it was quite fun to make a map of my own country which was named after me!

My Autobiography Cover

Please answer these questions in the given format:

I like…

I wish…

What if…

If I could do this day all over again, I wish  could start my time management sense earlier to usher my group and warn them of our time usage. At first, I thought that the day would be pretty cool and all about technological things. I was right in this case, but wrong in the case that some of the talks were quite long.

Judge a Book by it’s Cover

What questions and feelings do you have as you begin this English & Design project?

“Have you ever heard the saying, Don’t judge a book by it’s cover?…” These words were some of the first words the teachers spoke when we first started the Design Cycle, but the first activity wasn’t too bad, except for the fact that we kind of failed at the task which was to make a paper airplane. Although that isn’t the English design project, the project is to make a book cover of a book that we read (The Book Thief) and I feel kind of nervous at the idea of it, but I also feel like that it will be a blast, I already have an idea of what I’m going to do to make the book cover/jacket. Some questions are: What is the time limit for this project, and how do we make the book jackets?

Humanities test reflection

The things I did well on the test were the vocabulary section where we had to locate the meanings of a few different Humanities terms, locating the location of a few countries in South East Asia and naming a few of the natural physical features around the world. I didn’t do as well as I expected, especially in the Latitude and Longitude section of the test the section where the test asks us to identify the capitals of 10 different countries around South East Asia. If there shall be another test like this, I should first write down what is on the test, than locate my weakest area (if there are any), and finally ask the teacher whether I can have a study session with him to improve my skills on that certain area of the test.

Pattern Investigation Assessment

The thing I did well was finding patterns for the questions, which were the plans of the 3 friends: Barry, Carrie and Larry. I thing that I still need to work on is my communication skills in math, I had trouble trying to communicate my thoughts in words. When I read over it a second time, I also missed a few things, because to me the words make sense, but to others they might not. If I was to rank myself a number of stars out of 10 for participation in class, then I would give myself a rank of 8-9/10 stars, because I consistently try and figure out the groups problems as well as try and keep the group on track for the duration of our collaboration. One unit question was “How do I approach an unfamiliar problem?” I learnt that I am an effective problem solver in math and in the outside world, but I still need some work on my communication skills or else no one will be able to understand any of the ideas I say! That would be unfortunate if I did have a good idea, but didn’t know how to express it to others.

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