Month: May 2013

Kath Murdoch Inquiry Cycle Guide

Sharing the Planet, action activity

The purpose of the activity was: to explore PYP Action through STP to get some ideas to start thinking about some action. Their are different types of action, student lead action, and teacher lead action. Student lead action in the IB programme is essential, because when the action is lead by students, then teachers know that the student understands the area of focus well, because the student then demonstrates his newly found knowledge, as well as his understanding. Teacher lead action is just a teacher co-ordinated activity, so the teacher is not sure if the students surely understand, because the teacher is the one giving the students a task to fulfill like homework.


Ideas for the "Ladder of Participation"

Sharing the planet tuning in

Sharing the PlanetTransdisciplinary Theme: An inquiry into rights and responsibilities in the struggle to share finite resources with other people and with other living things; communities and the relationships within and between them; access to equal opportunities; peace and conflict resolution.

Entry #1

I felt happy at first because I was blue, but I know that you shouldn’t treat people badly because they are different, so I didn’t call on many yellow’s to help out. All that changed when we had to switch with a yellow, because then when we got demoted, some of the previous yellow’s took our work and started on it, I was so angry, because they just stepped in and took our work, we came up with the words. All they had to do was just make a few sentences! Now that is what I call unfair. This activity connects to the “Sharing the Planet Transdisciplinary Theme” because it teaches us about how some places on the planet where people are treated very badly, just because they are different or more underprivileged then you. Or in short it teaches us about inequality and this gives us first-hand experience on how it feels like when you are bossed around by people who are like you in more then one way.

Sharing the Planet, Awesome Video!


This video relates to the TT, (go to the third page) because it talks about how important nature and it’s resources can benefit us. As well as how we can help it now, it also does tell us how it benefits both us and nature.

Finishing the PYP Exhibition

I am so relieved to have gotten that over, but at the same time I also feel a sense of achievement and I feel like if I could, I would do the whole thing over again. The thing I liked most about the exhibition was the actually presenting night of the exhibition, because I was able to share my new knowledge with people I never knew or the parents of some of my friends. Another cool thing about this year’s exhibition was that we got cool new blue wristband USB’s which are stored with videos and articles of the exhibition for memories (Sweet, souvenirs).  two school days after the exhibition night, we were served vanilla ice-cream and brownies by our teachers as a thank you gift as well as a congratulation gift!



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