Month: March 2013


The Cat in the Hat youtube clip, “The Sneetches” is about a weird race of ostrich like birds with yellow feathers, but they are divided by the fact that some Sneetches have stars on their bellies and think there the best, and Sneetches that don’t have any stars. Then this man comes along and helps them get, or take off the stars on their bellies, all the while secretly taking away all their money until the Sneetches couldn’t figure out who was who, and their money depleted, the man rode off laughing, but the Sneetches learned that it doesn’t matter if some have stars and some don’t. So in conclusion, I think that this clip teaches us about rasicm in a way, because they at first disliked the no stars, and in the end the Sneetches got along together pretty well. Although we must not dislike someone else just because they are different, because think of all the commonalities you have with them and focus on them, so that we can all live in harmony.

WP: I will tell you about a make up game using jet-packs called, “Air-Ball”. This game is similar to the extremely awesome game paintball, except for the fact that you have jet-packs and a paint gun, there is a net underneath and on the sides of the area so that you won’t get hurt. There are also tons of wooden planks held up in the air with hiding places on top for you to take cover. The rules are simple, no up close shots, no physical violence, and no hitting people with the paint gun. To play it, you have to win five games. 1.Survival 2.Capture the Flag 3.Kill the Leader 4. Fire Fight (Where you can go anywhere and snipe, hide, or ambush the opponent) 5. Ambush, try and ambush the other team

BOL of a article and WP about a persuasive text using characters from “Regular Show”

I am going to reflect on a newspaper article which was about the recent hot-air balloon incident. It is about how the accident was an actually accident, not a fault in the staff. It also talked about the families and friends of those unfortunate people who were burned to death in the incident. I feel a great deal of sympathy for those families who lost loved ones that day, I also feel sympathy for the two people who survived, the balloons pilot and a man. Although I think that people should have some kind of escape capsule or something to ensure that the people will survive in the case of something like this happens again.

WP-from blue jay, Mordecai: (Mordecai) “Yo Benson, whats the big deal about us going out for a while and ‘chillin’ for a couple of hours?” (Benson) “You know well why you guys are in trouble, I know you are guilty too Rigby! (Mordecai) “Alright, give us at least five reasons why we should be fired.” (Rigby) “Yeah Benson, why?” (Benson) “Well according to rules 18 and 89, you cannot use the cart unless I know about it and you can’t use the cart without permission.” (Mordecai) “Well Benson, while you were in your office, we found that giant Sphinx you were talking about and lead it away from the park using a giant steak tided to the cart, take that Benson.” (Benson) “I…., never mind, you can keep your jobs, but I will lower your salary to repair the park after your little “escapade”.Pics of the real Mordecai and Rigby, very interesting.” (Mordecai and Rigby) “Woaahhhhhh!” (Benson) ” Keep quiet or I will fire you both again!”


My Poems for this week

Dreams of Inocente

I am Inocente,

I wonder if I’ll ever find a home?

I hear the waves crashing,

I want to be free,

I am Inocente


I believe my dreams will come true,

I feel hope,

I worry that people don’t appreciate me for who I am,

I will continue believing myself,

I am Inocente


I understand that dreams can’t always come true,

I say that they can come true,

I dream of a world of achievers,

I try to follow my dreams,

I hope one day they will come true,

I am Inocente



“Switched at birth”

The K.N.I.F.E comprehension technique: K=What did you know, N=What do you need to remember?, I=What did you find interesting?, F=Formulate some questions?, E=Explain how this will help you understand the CI and lines of inquiry.

I know that there were two main characters, Bay and Daphne and that they were accidentally switched at birth. What I need to remember is that some people are different from us and that I shouldn’t be disgusted, irritated, or give them weird looks, just because that they are different or mentally disabled. What I found interesting is that sometimes babies can get mixed up when they are born, which means that they get accidentally given to another family. Some questions that I have are that how can we stop this from happening, and how do we get everyone to see that the deaf are not different, they are the same as any human being, just that they cannot hear us. We must value our commonalities, or else the people that we hate or are disgusted of will hate us and that may not be such a good thing after all. We as a society must also practice the way of empathy, or to put yourself in someone else’s shoes for a while and see how you would feel like if you were that person. We must also appreciate diversity (variety), because if we don’t and prefer to be similar, then all of us would look alike, think alike, feel alike, e.t.c. Then we wouldn’t be able to recognize each other, because then we would all be the same.

I think  that all these things are true and that we must not be disgusted or anything I said above,  and when we do that, we will be able to achieve peace with all the physically/mentally disabled people around the globe. Then we as a society must value our commonalities, and once we achieve that, then there will be peace everywhere and there will be no more war and fighting, just peace.

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