Month: January 2013

How does Technology affect us today? By Adrian and Jason

At school, we were assigned to write down a post which was related to a short story called: “The flying machine”. This post is related to the story because the FBI believed that their backup Stock Market was a great idea in the event of an attack, like the inventor in the story, but the idea backfired on the FBI because in the end a hacker did hack into the backup Stock Market and nearly stole all the people of the US’s money, like how the inventor invention got him executed. This post is about movie and an experience, the movie is called “Die Hard 4.0“. It is about a man living in New York that works for the NYPD rescues a hacker which unintentionally helped a terrorist to hack into the US backup Stock Market. The movie is talking about a type of hacking called a fire sale, this type of hacking follow these steps: first cause panic to the community, then make the communities virtual money move into one place, then steal it. In the end, the Hero wins as always. Another downfall is that my friends mom was nearly hacked by two men over the phone, this is really worrying and I think that hacking should be banned worldwide so that people of the earth can surf the web peacefully.

BOL on typing

Okay, todays BOL is not very exciting, so you can choose whether to read it or not. So, right now I am practicing my touch typing skills, which means typing without looking, and right now I am doing it. I believe it is still okay, but of course I can improve a lot more then right now. So if you want to type faster and quicker, then practice touch typing while you still can!

“BOL” about unit rates!

Hey guys, its me back with a BOL or Bucket O’ Learning about unit rates. So first off, what are unit rates? Well unit rates are about comparing two amounts of objects and finding out how many for just one of the things. Example: There are 70 students in 5 classes, how many students are in per class? So first, you should look at the first statement like this 70/5=_ number of students/1 class. Then you simplify the 70 into 14 using the least common factor, because 70 divided by 5 equals 14, then you simplify 5 into one for the same reason above. So the answer is 14/1, so the number of students in one class is 14 and 14 multiplied by 5 is 70. So that is an example of the concept, Unit Rates.

The Three most important Questions of Life!

HEY guys, its me again Bazinga 18 with three questions about life. First question: Why do people have morbid and cull curiosity? Second question: Why do we long for company? Third question: Why do we love family? Some guess word meaning of these words: Diverse-Special, unique. Hermit-Small,  insignificant. Reconcile-Reconnaissance of a place. Parable-Paranormal. Russia is cold, peaceful, and doesn’t have a good relationship with the USA. Russia is in Europe

PS, The meaning of the words are: Diverse-unlike one another; different. Hermit-A person who lives alone or away form others. Reconcile-to settle differences and to make up after a fight of argument. Parable-a short story that gives a lesson. Parables generally feature human characters. it is a type of analogy.

Diary entry of the bearded man in the story “Three Questions” by Leo Tolstoy


I have found the killer of my brother, the stealer of my property, the devils son. I shall have vengeance today, my brother death, my stolen property shall be avenged today! My plan, simple, when the King comes back to his body guards, I shall jump out of this bush and ambush him. I shall stab my knife through his heart and his death shall be my enlightenment and the weight of my brothers death will be repaid. I will wait here until dusk if I have to, I will wait and wait and wait……

What could be taking him so long, he couldn’t have died already, I have come to far to be stopped. I angrily jumped out of the bush and ran to the hut of the hermit where I encountered his guards, they turned around and the captain yelled “It’s Rodney, get him!” Fear gripped my heart and I fended them off with my sword, I wounded two and killed one. Although there were too many of them and one of them got a lucky spear shot and it punctured my stomach with unbelievable pain. I stumbled off into the wood where they could not follow me. I luckily stumbled across a hut where there was a old man and a peasant working at the yard, but when I got closer, I realized that he was the King, the person I hated with all my soul. Although it was too late to go back, they saw me and I blacked out. My dreams were weird, I saw the King grabbing his handkerchief and tried to bandage my wound, cleanse it, then the King with the help of the old man which I assumed was the hermit, carried me to a room where the King then lay down next to me and fell asleep. When I woke up, I saw the King sleeping beside me and then I realized that the dream was real and when the King came to, I explained myself to him and made peace with him. In the end, I found out he wasn’t a bad guy, he gave my property back and I got treated by his personal physician!

Re to my first post, the proper definitions of the words are: Diverse-unlike. Hermit- one that retires from society and lives in solitude especially for religious reasons. Reconcile-to restore friendship and harmony. Parable-a usually short fictitious story that illustrates a moral attitude or a religious principle


Hello people! Today for my Bucket O’Learning, (yar) I will do some personnal inquiry. My inquiry will be on how did the British Colonization of HK affect the HK buildings, Food, and language (which I already know). So, the British Colonization changed the language, because, before Hong Kongers used to call their parents 父親 (fuqin) and 母親 (muqin), now Hong Kongers call their parents 媽媽(mama) as in, you guessed it, mama  and 爸爸 (baba) as in papa. The colonization changed the food because before, we only ate chinese food, (my first favorite type of food, then its japanese, then its western) now Hong Kongers are eating a variety of foods, which include western food. The colonization because of buildings like the old legislative council near the HSBC buildings. So their is a variety of changes that have happened in HK and the other countries that have been colonized before, so if you question this, then come to HK and see for yourself!

Round Robin part 2

So, if you’ve read my last post about the round robin based on the book “The Lottery” then you can read this, if not, then read my last post on the round robing. So far, we have finished up to page nine and so far, I don’t really it. The pages from the fifth are about the people drawing  slips of paper and deciding who will go up to the stage and pick some slips, then, whoever the family member will have the paper with a black dot, they’ll get stones thrown at them. I understand everything that happened until they started thrown stones at her because of the black dot. Why would they throw stones at the person and for what reason, and why is that a tradition, why did they do this in the first place? (Just so you know, this was before we discussed it in class).

Happy New Year

Happy New Year people. Yay, we survived the Apocalypse and we are all still alive and happy, What happened to you at christmas. When you have time, you can post what you got for christmas on my blog comments, or you can write down where did you go for christmas break (if you had one).


Special, Special, Bucket O’Learning has arrived

So for todays bucket o’learning, I will practice of a math skill that I need to improve /on using Khan Academy or other resources . The math skill I shall be improving on is to multiply fractions, well to multiply the fractions lets say 1/5 and 6/15 you first have to see if you can simplify any of the numbers, but for this case we can’t because you cannot simplify 5 and 6 as well as 1 and 15. So then just multiply the numerators (top) and the denominators (bottom) together so it would be 1×6 and 5×15 which equals to 6/75.

For my writing prompt, I will be doing a writing piece, it is about me somehow receiving a magic chalk and now I have to create rules for it. So here are the rules: 1.You must always use it for good not for evil. 2.You cannot destroy something, you can only create. 3.No one must know but the user of the chalk. 4.Never misuse the for evil deeds. 5 The user cannot hand the chalk over, if you do, you shall endure pain for a few moments, then the chalk will return to you.

“The Lottery”

Today, in class, we have just read a short story by a author called Shirley Jackson, which is called, the lottery. We did a round robin, which basically means that there are a group of people which read paragraphs in turns. This activity was to practice our presentation and our pronunciation of story’s or when we are doing a poster/Keynote presentation. So far, we have only read the first four pages of the book, it is about a small village (the author didn’t give a precise  place) which was going to have there yearly lottery with a side dish of rituals to perform at that time. Things that this story needs to improve is to give a precise location, the thing that it does well is that it describes the rituals well.

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