Month: December 2012

Grade 6 Camp

This year, we had to go on another camping trip, but this time to Zhaoqing in Guangzhou. It was super fun there, but most of the time it rained (thank god my mom put in a rain jacket). When we left, we were each assigned a team to be in. I was part of the Blue team, Go Blue Typhoons! On the first day at the nine dragon lake resort (the place we were staying at) my team first went to a paper factory which made paper out of bamboo which is really cool and when burnt, doesn’t emit much smoke, Go Green! Then we did a night hike. The next day, the first activity we had was the cableway hike which was my favorite activity, we had to use these lobster claws attached to our harnesses to walk across wooden plank bridges and single cabled bridges. Then later on we got to do some chinese painting, personally, I think that it takes a lot of commitment and patience to create a very good painting. Although, I think that I did an okay job on my painting. The day after that, we first took a bus to a tourist hotspot for a great race. The great race is basically a clue hunt, you just need to find certain things along the way which you need and then take a picture/answer to get the question right. After that, we made inkstones. In ancient China, the people used inkstones to hold the ink while they wrote the letters. Inkstones have an oval shape and are dark brown. We carved our own designs on to the stones, I wrote down my surname in chinese and the four elements, I also carved down a flower and some advice: Don’t be sad, be happy. That night, we had a small campfire and we were listening and watching other peoples/groups performances. Then, it was time for us to go. The only thing I hated about this trip is that the bus rides were so long and boring. Although next year, even though I know that this years G 7’s aren’t having Dragonfly as their guides. I sure hope Mr. Hugh’s changes his mind and allows us to have Dragonfly next year.

Young Americans!

I should’ve written this post a long time ago, but a month ago my school invited this outreach group called the Young Americans to help us make a performance in three days time. At first, I thought it would be really boring but in fact, it was super fun! We learned our different dances and songs every day. The thing which I am most proud of is that 13 people got picked to individually sing a song from a Disney channel. I was one of those 13 and I got to sing the “Bear Necessity’s” from the Jungle Book. Then when the day of the performance arrived, we practically blew our parents socks off by our pure awesomeness. Although sadly afterward they had to leave and none of them would be in the same group again. So I will truly miss them. If any Young Americans that did the dance at HK CDNIS, then I want to personally thank you and to say that you guys rock! Everybody say rock, ROCK!

Bucket O’ Learning

For this bucket o’ learning, I am doing an independent inquiry/personal research on topics of interest to you. I have done a bit of research on a supercontinent that formed even before Pangaea called Rodinia. Rodinia was formed from the remnants of a older supercontinent called, Columbia. When Rodinia broke up, it created another snowball earth, but thats not all, when Rodinia broke up, it made the seabed rise up to create the perfect stepping stones for certain types of sea life to crawl up to land and to try and start a new life there, which in the end caused life as we know it. For my writing prompt, I chose to write a persuasive piece for my homework which is to choose between living in a castle or in a underwater mansion and persuade people why one of them is a better living conditions. I’d say an underwater mansion, because it doesn’t have the extremely foul-smelling smog, WHICH are expelled by CARS. Also, every day when you wake up, you can see the blue ocean water and the different varieties of fish swimming by your window. So I think that having an underwater mansion is a better choice than a castle. Another argument is that, what are you going to do with all the extra rooms that you won’t be using?

Bucket O’ Learning

Today, for bucket o’ learning, I have reviewed a website (URL: that we are using for our unit of inquiry or could use for our unit of inquiry. I think that this site is useful, because it practically has all the major events related to evolution on it so it is very, very useful if you want to find something major event related to evolution. The writing prompt I chose to do was to describe two lecterns and say what image that they portray. I chose the one on the right cause it makes me feel more at ease and less informal. It also shows the speakers whole body, not just the head which gives me a hint that these people aren’t afraid to show themselves, not afraid to fully express their ideals and their beliefs. It kind of makes me trust the people using the lectern.

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