Month: November 2012

Tuning in to… How The World Works!

Hey guys, today, I will be talking about what I have learned while tuning into my new unit so far. Some questions I have are: What are we going to focus on during this unit and what are radioactive isotopes? Here are a few things that relate to this unit, HTWW/How The World Works. Causation: Causation is related to this unit because I think we are going to learn about the changes the earth has gone through during the course of its long life. Change: The same reason as the one above. It is related because change is related to how the earth has changed over the course of its life so far. Knowledgeable: I think it is related to this unit because we need to know what kinds of changes have happened to earth and how they affected it. Curiosity: We need to be curious because we need to search what are the various changes that have happened to this planet and how did it cope with them, or how did these changes affect this planet. Finally, Appreciation: We must appreciate that these changes haven’t affected us in any life and death situations. The thing that interests me in this unit is that we might get to learn about dinosaurs and I’m a bit of a dino nut/geek, all thanks to my little brothers obsession with dinosaurs.

So thanks for looking at this, and I hope that you will keep visiting my blog. Peace out!

PS: If you have the answer to my questions above, then you can leave a comment with the answer in it.

Be like Water my friend

So this video below is  a video of Bruce Lee telling someone to be like water, I actually don’t know what it means by be like water, although I do have a guess. I think that Bruce was trying to tell this guy to be like water which means be flexible, if you put water into a teapot it becomes the teapot because it is flexible enough to adapt to the situation at hand. As well as water can be used as a defensive force as well as a offensive force as well, with water, you can heal people because if their is water their is life. It can be an offensive force because it can like a tsunami, it can come crashing down of people

Be Water my friend, Be Water.



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