Since the beginning of this unit,HWEO/how we express ourselves,  I have learned much more than what I thought I knew at the beginning of this unit. I have learned the elements and principals of design as well as 3D design (in my own time of course), which are listed somewhere in my process journal. I have also learned a few tips from Mrs DC on how to make a good poster, she also taught and showed me and a few others from the PDC group what good design looks like and what bad design looks like. What works about this unit is that it is fun to learn all the different types of art in this world. What doesn’t work about this unit is that it takes a long time for us to research what are the elements and principals of design/art, after a while of researching, it gets a bit boring. The path I am currently on is that I am trying as hard as I can to finish my art poster, because I had a late start when Foster, Ananya, and I discovered that we couldn’t work together, we had to work separatly to complete this project, so I had to start from scratch on either tuesday or wednesday, but other then that I am fine!