Month: September 2012

Dad goes “Bonk”ers

Zhong Qiu Jie Kuai Le! Happy Mid Autumn Festival to you ! Right now, I’m going to talk about something that happened this evening while my family, my cousins family, and I were walking toward our cars, me and my dad we’re talking about how tennis was such a great sport. Then we stopped by a scenic area by a few public tennis courts and decided to take family pictures, while my aunt was setting up, I suddenly heard a “boing” sound from behind me and when I looked back, I saw my dad rubbing his head, a guy behind us holding a tennis ball, and the man and the women which were inside the tennis court closest to us coming up to us and saying sorry in cantonese. Then I figured out that the women hit the tennis ball on the rim of her racquet which caused the ball to soar up in the air over the tall net beside the court, which in turn hit my dad’s head and then bounced toward another guy. Then all of us were laughing our heads off, even my dad was. So tonight was the best night ever. We saw giant lanterns, bought some projectile toys….. So I guess that wraps up what I wanted to tell you, See ya.

Bling Ma Blog!

Hey guys, I have another exciting thing I want to show you from Grade 6, I hope you enjoy it and I hope you laugh.

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