Hey guys , I am sorry I have not written in a while but here I am writing but this time in grade six. So another brick in the wall is a clip from youtube about some school kids rebelling against the teachers (especially the headmaster), because they were being put on weird masks and ordered around too much by their teachers.

I feel that this clip is a bit weird, because right after they put on those masks, they were  pushed into a meat grin der and those kids were turned into minced meat. Now whats up with that? I think that even though it is sort of weird, I think that it is, again kind of weird, because of the meat grinder. Although, it has a very symbolic meaning that like a burger, the cow meat is grounded into a whole piece. So in this context, the children, all their talent, are grounded into a singular piece. The classroom in the clip was all gray and no other colors their. Our classroom has different colors like blue, green, e.t.c. I wish that we have more time or spots to relax and cool down from all the learning. Here is the video.