Month: May 2012

Grade 5 Camp

Cheng Chau is a small island not too far from Hong Kong. Cheung Chau is a island with a large population but I do not think that it is as large as HK’s. It is a fishing village and the most common transportation is a bicycle and there were a lot of tourists at the area when I was there. Which suggests that Cheung Chau is a sort of tourist attraction island.

I think that the purpose of the G.5 staff organizing this is make us more independent, for example: putting everything we need in our day packs, drying our own clothes e.t.c. I also think that they organized this so that we can learn how to survive without our parents. Now I will talk about my activities, how I felt about them and what I experienced. When we arrived at Cheung Chau, we went up to the square and put our baggage in some sort of trolley car which was waiting for us, then we had to walk up a steep mountain to reach the sports ground in which we were introduced to our teams dragonfly staff member Kalye. We were then handed out cookies and our lunch, then we headed down the steep hill again to where the dragonfly staff keeps their bicycles. First, they had to fit us with a good bike and then we had a few warm up rounds before we started. When I was riding, I felt so happy because I have not been cycling for about 5 years. When we finished we had lunch and, then we went on a sanpan (type of boat) and arrived at a small island, then we split up into two teams, my team got to go down to see the Cheung Po Tsai cave first and it was dark in there, plus I didn’t bring a light. Luckily someone lend me a headlamp, when I got into the cave, it was dark, cold and wet everywhere and to make matters worse. The instructor told us to turn off the lights for 30 seconds and told us all about how the animals survive in the cave. Then when we returned to the starting point, my group switched activities with the others went for a little walk in the woods. I saw lots of bugs, a sea temple and a banyan tree then we had to go back up the hill and we got to race team orange up the hill to our rooms. Then when everyone was there, we were given our room and our room -mates and then we were allowed to unpack. Our rooms were not that large and there were only four beds so one of us had to sleep on the floor mattress, we had to set up our own bed sheets and the blankets, (which later on I discovered was filled with bed bugs/lice) there was also a air-con. We were allowed to take a shower, but my room-mates were so slow that me and my other friend couldn’t take a shower. We all came out for dinner and then play a little game with the head of dragonfly staff and then we all split off to do a separate activities, my groups activity was to create a team chant for a competition and then we went on a night hike which was really nice, because we followed Kalye in the dark and had to concentrate on using our five senses. Then we returned to our rooms after a debrief. The next day, I found myself covered with bites which were itching like crazy until I took a shower and got of my room to put on mosquito repellant plus sun block. The breakfast was a little better than dinner, it was ham, eggs, sausages and bread. Our first activity was raft building, this activity required us to build our very own raft and mine luckily didn’t break up and after that, we got to play on the beach! The second activity also needed us to split into two groups and my group had to go wall climbing and it took me a while to finish the first one. Then we changed activities with the other group which was bread making and tie dyeing, we did bread making first and I made mine in the shape of a shark tooth! Then we did tie dyeing and dyed mine blue and orange with lines and a little swirl in the center. Later that day, we had dinner which was a BBQ and then we had the team chant competition and blue team won, but we were no.1 in the rhyming. On the last day, we had the great race, the great race is a race where the team splits up into different groups and then try to find objects around Cheung Chau, we found all of them (I think) but we came back to the starting point last and the latest by six minutes which means six minutes deducted from our total score. Then we had a debrief and then were shepherd to the docks and were given cookies.

The most memorable part of camp was caving, because I have never experienced going into a real cave. My experience was that the cave was dark, cold and wet. I have learnt that the Banyan tree is like what I said above and that is uses ariel roots to make the tree sturdier, as well as in the old days, people used cicadas as clocks! Next time, I would put on mosquito repellant before I sleep. I have discovered that camp is both physically demanding yet fun and never trust bamboo!


I Am A Taxi reflection 3

Hey viewers, I am here with another I Am A Taxi book reflection so I hope you will enjoy.

Ok, so I guess we (my group) have finished the book and now waiting to change to another one. So presently, Diego is plotting to steal some of the coca paste to bring home with them so they wouldn’t go home empty handed, but he wants Mando  (his friend) to join him but Mando thinks he has a good future with Smith and his gang so he decides to stay. Then everything changes when a government helicopter came searching near them and when in the dark Mando slipped and broke the plastic wall surrounding the coca paste solution which led to Rock beating Mando with his gun, this made Mando change his mind and decide to join in on Diego’s plan on stealing the paste from Smith. At the same time they found a tarantula and decided to keep it for any future uses, that is when Rock caught them and thought Diego was stealing from them and decided to open the handkerchief  in which the tarantula was in. The tarantula angry at being held in the handkerchief leapt out of the handkerchief and onto Rocks face then Diego and Mando ran onto a bridge and Mando let go of the rail and fell down and smashing into the rocks below. Smith grabbed in Diego before he could follow his friend and told Rock to pack up and to drive the glue boys back to the city, then while they were dragging Diego away. Later on, Diego saw a helicopter and thought it was from the military, but it was actually owned by Smith and they took him away in it. When they got Diego to their other base, Smith said that  they would make him a first class courier (in this context, a person who delivers the drugs to some other place no matter how far), but Diego had other ideas. Instead, when no one was holding him he ran into the jungle and nearly took hold of a giant snake’s tail which he thought was a vine. Then just when Diego thought he was safe and when he was crying, he heard Smith’s voice come out of nowhere and started to run, he kept on running with Smith talking to him all the time. Until he reached a little pond with a fallen log, he used the log to cross the pond, but when he reached the other side his foot got stuck and that is where Smith came in and tried to shoot him, but Diego kept moving around so that Smith wouldn’t have a clear shot. Then when Smith tried to get closer to him, he slipped into the pond and then trudged on some quicksand and that is where Diego left him. Later on, Diego found a farm growing coca leaves and he was caught by a little girl holding a gun (empty), but the girl’s family took pity on him and gave him a place to sleep for the night as well as some food. Then Diego decided to set of for his home the next morning.


Hello viewers, I am writing another post talking about todays (24th May, 2012) activity set up by my schools very own Grade 9’s.

First, we were led to one of the many grade 9 classrooms and were introduced to the grade 9’s and we were told about the purpose of us being there, we then had to choose a color. That color was to be our group color which in my case green (my favourite color). Our first activity was about diseases and we had to choose a disease and find the cure or else we would die and I unfortunetly died all three times in a row (how annoying). The second activity was about people without some limbs maybe because of an accident or something entirely different, in this activity, there were three stations, the first one I went to was to experience how people can survive without a leg, the second activity was about people who don’t have a hand and maybe had to write with their bad hand, the third one was simulating if you had only one arm. The finally activity was about poor people, people that work and rich people and we learned that the rich is always has two times the amout of money compared to the workers, as well as the workeres have two times the amount of money compared to poor people.

I thought that the activities were very eye opening and serious, but fun as well. Next time, I think that the grade 9’s should have larger amount of time to work with us, because sometimes we were still in the middle of an activity and the next group would come in. What I have learned from the scenarios is that for every land mine tooken out/disabled, 20 more shall take it’s place and over one hundred million people get hurt by landmines a year.

I Am A Taxi reflection part 3

Hello readers, I’m back writing with another book club reflection. Presently, I’ve just finished reading chapter 11 and waiting for my next book club meeting. So far, Diego and his friends are still working for Rock (the person that will supposedly pay them a lot of money), making coca for his boss to take to other countries to sell. Although, there is a new character which is Rocks boss: Smith. He seems nicer and more fair to Diego and his friends than Rock would be. Finally, Diego got fed up and asked Rock when would he get his money and how much, Rock didn’t like it and pointed a gun to Diego’s head, then Smith intervened and told Rock to put the gun down and told Diego that they will pay him once they decide to pay them and when the job is done. Diego walked back empty handed, but he had an answer, an answer that I bet he wasn’t happy about.

I think that Smith and his cocoa making gang will not pay Diego and his friends, but instead keep them as slaves to make the cocoa for them. So I think that Diego will try and escape with his friends.

I Am A Taxi reflection part 2

Hey readers, if you have not read my first reflection then you will not understand what I am about to say (so read my last reflection). I’m have just finished ch. 7 and waiting for my group/teacher to tell me what chapter I have to read up to next. So far the book is very good, it is slowly building up tension as Diego (the main character) goes into the bolivian jungle to do a taxi job where everything is unknown to him. So all I have to do now is to put down the stickies that I need to put down before….. Oh my god, tomorrow! So looks like I have to hurry, I promise to write about something soon.

My New Unit of Inquiry

Hey viewers, my schools new unit is kind of weird so, just to tell you if you don’t like what I’m writing, don’t blame me!

The C.I./Central Idea: “throughout life our bodies go through changes that are caused by many factors” I think that this C.I. means that throughout our lives, not just our body changes, but a few other things as well. This is caused by many different circumstances. I expect that in this unit, we will be learning about Puberty (disgusting), our body components/parts and what they do/work (maybe disgusting), the heart and the blood circulation.

My PSA on Child Soldiers

I hope you will learn something from this PSA.

I Am A Taxi reflection part 1

Hello fellow readers, in this post I will be talking about my classes book club. In my schools book club, I am assigned to read a book called “I AM A TAXI” and I am pausing just before chapter 3. If you are wondering why I can’t read on, then the answer is that it is a rule that we cannot read ahead of the designated chapter which in this case, chapter 3. I think this is a good book. because it tells you about a child named Diego, who doesn’t have all the luxuries that I have like a big room, an I pad or even TV! Instead he lives in a prison for women serving as a taxi, a person who goes around the town/city doing various jobs for different people who in return, receives a bit of money. Presently, I think that this is a good book to read and that I am excited to see what happens next in “I AM A TAXI”.

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