Cartoons for Child Rights:”A Protective Environment”(Scotlan



The 3C’s are:

-Color: Everything is blue, which suggests that the main character is feeling blue/sad.

-Contrast (Difference): The figure in the middle is smaller than the two others on the side, this might mean that the two figures are the parents.

-Comparison (The position of something): The boy (the person in the middle) is being streched of pulled by the two bigger figures or the parents, which might mean that they are fighting over him and trying to pull him onto their side.

Effects of the music/sound effects: At first, the music is kind of has a bit of love, but there is also a bit of suspence in it which shows that there might be something going to come or change later on. Later on, the music shows that they are fighting and arguing loudly, they are so loud that they are completly annoying the boy and ignoring him at the same time.

The Message: The message is that people should take better care of their children and listen to what they have to say. The impact that this PSA has given me is very large, because I am a child like the boy in the PSA and I don’t ever want see my parents fight like this and eventually divorce. To me, this PSA means that if the parents are not doing the things I have said above, then they will be either taken away, or never be the same again.

This is what my chosen PSA is about and I hope that this incident won’t happen to us kids, because it will hurt a lot, even if you don’t like your parents. I know this because this is the way I will feel.