Month: March 2012

The boy who was determined to change the lives of children in Pakistan

The title of this page is based on a book that was told by a women called Fatima. Fatima once lived in Pakistan as a bonded slave (a child that has been bonded to labour just because their parents need to pay a debt) who worked in a scrawny and filthy workshop, well that was until Iqbal arrived to try and put their master Hussain Khan behind bars. At first Hussain Khan bribed the policemen to ignore this and they did, the next time though, Iqbal brought a person from the Bonded liberation front and a magister to investigate and this time. Hussain Khan was arrested and the children were free.

This is all I am going to tell you about this book, so if you want to know what happens next, then buy the book and read on!

Childrens rights

I think that childrens rights are rights that tell people what children can live by. In these particular rights, there are four major categories. They are: Survival (the right to live), Protection (that we are protected by the law), Development (the right to have education), and finally Participation (the right to participate in both outdoor and indoor activities).

Almost every country in the world has signed up to these rights, but sadly, there are still two more countries yet to sign this treaty. Those two countries are: the US and Somalia. So the children there are not protected by these rights that most of us fortunately have.

There are a few organizations and individuals that try and support these rights throughout the world. One of the major organizations are Unicef, but there are still a lot more like in HK the Ecumenical Coalition on the third world tourism, in Sweden Children First Now, KidsRights foundation, … e.t.c.

Our trip to the landfill.

Hello viewers, in this blog post I’m going to tell you about my classes trip to the SENT landfill to learn about how they manage waste.

When we first got there, we saw air fresheners and nets to keep the trash from flying away. We had to listen to a speech on how they operated and what were the systems to handle our trash. The presenter gave us lots of interesting facts about the landfill, so we had to work full time to write all the important facts down. She also told us about the landfills waste water treatment plant and their mini incinerator called “The Flare”. She then further informed us about how boats transfered waste to the landfill and how they can use a restored landfill (meaning a part of a landfill which is full) to recreate the mountain that they destroyed to grow flowers and plants on it. In addition, on the restored landfill you can build an one story building or a road on it too. After the presentation, we all clambered on to the bus with the presenter. When everybody was seated, we started to tour around the majority of compound. First we went to see the area where the gas produced from the trash would  be turned into electricity. In that area it also contained four other parts, the flare, the waste water treatment plant, the workshop where they repair their machines and the management office where the creators of the landfill make decisions about the landfill. Later on, we went to see the landfills tipping area, it was the place where the dumpster trucks tip the garbage out from the back. The sludge from the waste water treatment plant also gets tipped in there. Next, we went around the landfill and we saw some parts of the restored landfill and some parts of the nearly restored landfill. Finally we went back to the main entrance (which had some sort of checkpoint) and saw an empty sludge holding garbage truck went through a car wash. This could make sure the dirt from the landfill would not go out on to the busy streets.

In conclusion, it was a pretty good learnig experience and quite interesting. One of the main things I learned there was that a landfill is not as smelly as I originally thought!

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