Month: January 2012

We made it happen!

On January 5th, 2012, we made it happen. On that day, the grade 5’s at my school held a concert called “Let’s make it happen” ,  we did all the choreography by ourselves, as well as the props and the scripts, so basically we get most of the credit.

At first my group was unsure about what to do, then I gave the idea of D-day Omaha beach. We had to write down the timetable of everything and scripts, after that, we had to make our props (guns).  We had to rehearse the green screen skit thousands of times, which was actually getting a bit boring.  Eventually, we finally got the green screen time booked and done. While my friend finished off the media, we all rehearsed our scripts and memorized  them.  By then it was already Christmas so we all split off for our two weeks and two days winter break. When we came back, it was straight to rehearsal for two full days before the big day 5th January – the day of performance.  On the day of the performance, we had to do a dress rehearsal in front of the grade 4’s and 3’s.  At 6:30 pm , the performance started. For my group, everything went smoothly until one of our teammates forgot his lines. At first, everyone thought he was choking on his word, but after his vein attempt to recite his line,  we all knew what happen – stage freight.  My friend felt very bad.  Nevertheless we all felt proud of our overall performance.

The next day, me and my teammates all expressed our desire to be in the same class so that we can do something like this next year, then we will go together to work on our project. So I think that our class performance was great and kind of fun!


The day before yesterday, me and my grade level went to went to South Bay beach to become little paleontologists trying to discover some artifacts that our other classmates made.

The trip was a bit long and took about an hour to get there, when we got there, we first had to listen to the rules on where we were supposed to dig and how should we dig. It was kind of boring to listen to the teachers talk while we sat edging to get going, then when we finally got to get moving, our teacher split us into a few groups and told us to take off our shoes, although me and one of my friends tried to convince our teacher, but in the end,  we had to submit to this idea even though we didn’t like it.

When we finally started to dig we found a lot of broken artifacts ( the ones that were made my whole grade) like a piece of a cup and a broken shard of a vase. Not long after, we found all the artifacts in the ditch, but me and my friend were still convinced that there were some more artifacts down there and kept digging up the sand until we had a tiny mountain. Then I went to fill in a question sheet, when I did that , I put on my shoes and had my lunch which was a sandwich and a cookie. When I finished, I went out to the beach to play with my friends.

All in all, I thing that Dig day was a great field trip, I really want to do something like that again!

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