Month: November 2011

Todays Assembly

Today, me and my class were the grade 5 and 6 assembly hosts today, that means that we got to lead the grade 5 and 6 assembly. Furthermore we also didn’t just lead the assembly, we performed in the assembly which I personally thought was embarrassing. What me and my class did was get into groups of 4 or more, then decide what story are we going to base it on. My group did the three little pigs, personally I didn’t think it was a good idea, but I had submit to this idea because it was easy to see the perspectives of the characters which are the third pig , the big bad wolf and the bystanders of the event. The next day, my teacher asked us to perform in front of the whole class. I felt very nervous, although, at the end, every one liked it.

Finally, on friday Nov 18, our performance began. First, we heard the grade 6 performance, which was a video. Then we heard the super band play the two national anthems, which were the Canadian and the Chinese national anthems. After that we watched our performance (not literally our performance, the first performers of our class) and the audience quite liked it. Next up, it was my groups performance and to my surprise the audience quite liked it, they even laughed when I said my line so afterwards I felt very happy with my performance.

So, now onto my conclusion, which is I think that our performance was really good, my mom even said my group was the best out of all four in the performance!

Here is a Photo of me and my group:


Measurement is a type of math which is mostly used by scientists, engineers, builders and schools to teach kids.

It is used to find how tall, fast, high and  wide things are. There are a lot of things that can be measured, like water, how fast you’re going, height, length or width of something, which means almost everything in our world and maybe the universe except space can be measured.

The symbols of measurement are KM, M,CM, MM, e.t.c., I cannot show you how many symbols of measurement there are because there are just too many, although, there is a link I can give you so that you can see for yourself how many symbols of measurement are there. (Link:

I think that materials can be connected to measurement because like ice, you can measure how long it takes to melt, how big it was and how much frozen water the ice cube had.

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