Month: October 2011

Halloween is coming!

Halloween, the spookiest holiday of the year when it comes to CDNIS, just kidding actually halloween is pretty fun for CDNIS because we are going to have a PARTY we will have lots of junk food and some healthy food. Now we are going talk about the costumes, The grade five team (which means the grade five teachers) have chosen the theme of this year is Star Wars and we have to be either a Storm Trooper or a Wooki, although, in Hong Kong it is hard to find a Storm Trooper or a Wooki costume so we have to find something else for me to wear. So instead being a character from Star Wars, I dressed up as someone called Van Hellson The famous monster hunter, I had two pistols, a cowboy hat, and a brown cloak. After lunch we had a party and it was super fun! So that is how we spend Halloween in CDNIS.

Mathematics Reflection-Binary numbers.

I have chosen to write about binary numbers [the numbers used by the computers] because I feel this is the most interesting math I have done in school. I learned a bit of place value when learning about binary, here is an example of binary, the numbers 1 and 0 in binary =2, I kind of forgot why this is but what I did learn is that binary also taught me that it doesn’t always have be something like a base ten or five system, it could just be base two system. I am sure that you will find it fun and maybe you can trick someone using binary, I know this because so little people know how to use binary that you can trick friends even adults and they won’t even know you tricked them! It is so funny to see them try to figure it out!

My prezi

This may be a new development in apples technology!

10 interesting things about me.

1. I like to spend time with my family and friends.

2.  I like to read books like Alex Rider, the Rangers Apprentice…..e.t.c.

3. I have a playful little brother which goes to the same school as I do.

4. I like to play soccer, tennis and table tennis.

5. I love nature and animals.

6. I like to go on holidays with my family.

7. I have five little hamsters and two fish as pets.

8. I love technology.

9. I am a student at CDNIS

10. I have a awesome life and an awesome family!

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