Learner Profile: Caring

As a caring individual, I show empathy, compassion and respect towards the needs and feelings of others. I am thoroughly fond of making a positive difference on both the environment and the lives of those around me, especially if it involves putting my knowledge and learning experience to use. In Grade 8, my kind nature and personality was reflected through the Citizenship Award that I received, nominated by peers and awarded to those who demonstrate significant encouragement, assistance and support. As for my contribution to the local community, I develop and teach English curriculum for underprivileged local students as part of Kids4Kids, a program by the Global Issues Network club The Reading Tree at CDNIS. I immensely enjoy applying the privilege of learning the English language to a high degree of proficiency to those who need it, and find it extremely rewarding. 


Evidence 1: Citizenship Award in 2015














Evidence 2: Kids4Kids lesson plan for Mouse Shapes


Evidence 3: Kids4Kids Session – reading an English book to a local student

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