Grade 8 Drama

And there goes the half-year of Drama class. Through the classes, I’ve learned quite a few things and had to opportunity to “explore” myself more.

From my two half-years in Grade 7 and 8 of Drama, I’ve found out that it’s pretty hard for me to go from being myself to someone else. I tend to act like myself or not be able to show the gestures, emotions, and voices of certain characters that I’m meant to play. Even so, I think that it was a great experience for me because I really enjoyed creating a performance and presenting it to an audience, “changing” into someone else.

I quite like Drama class because it allows me to open myself up, get up in front of others and just perform. I’m an extremely shy person, so before I performed I always got really nervous, but performing numerous times throughout the year helped to slightly tame those feelings. Drama class also allows me to get the opportunity to work with pretty much every single person in my class. Normally, in other classes, most of the work is individual and we tend to choose to work with our friends when we get the chance. With Drama, choosing groups is more based on who we haven’t worked with yet or who we want to get the chance to work with. Working with different people helps to combine all the benefits of the group to create one unique performance, while using communicating and cooperating skills as well.

Although I believe that everything I’ve done in Drama class has been interesting and great, I have come to the conclusion that maybe Drama isn’t right for me. I might audition for musicals (which contain less of an acting aspect depending on the role) or have other acting opportunities later on, but I’ve decided not to take Drama next year, and probably never will after. My experiences have been great, but.. so long, farewell, auf wiedersehen¬†goodbye :)

Little Red Riding Hood – Drama Performance Assessment Reflection

A few days ago in Drama class, me and my group (Ashley, Harrison and Jesse) had to recreate the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood and present it as a play to the rest of the class. We used many different techniques including: Narration, Freeze Frame, Soundscape, Thought-tracking, Choral Speaking and Conscience Alley. Click here to watch the video.

I think that the most effective technique in drama is Soundscape. I think this way because it shows what environment the characters are in and it lets the audience feel like they’re actually in that area/place. As Little Red Riding Hood was walking in the forest to visit her ill granny, there were sounds of whistling/birds, wolves howling, trees/leaves rustling, and LRRH’s heartbeat. This can let the audience have a better understanding of the environment. I think that this was an okay use of Soundscape as we tried to make sounds that Little Red Riding Hood might have heard in the forest, but we could have improved by making it all sound more realistic or more like an actual forest.¬†

I think that our formative performance went pretty well, as everything went according to plan and we didn’t have any mistakes. The only thing that could’ve been better was if the audience hadn’t clapped so early. Right after ‘And they all lived happily ever after’, the audience started to clap right away, and all the clapping covered up our choral speaking of ‘The End’. Also, I really enjoy doing this type of assessment. We don’t normally do this kind of ‘get up and move around’ type of assessment. The only assessments we normally have are the ‘sit at a desk and write/type’ type of assessments, so I liked the difference. I’d much rather do a play than write an essay (cough humanities cough).¬†

I think that the ‘big takeaway’ from Drama class so far is really just teamwork. A lot of the work or assessments that we had to do required teamwork, as it was done in a group. I think that teamwork is important because without it, you wouldn’t be able to accomplish anything; and the product would be a mess of people, all trying to steal the spotlight. For example, since my group and I were able to communicate with each other and discuss ideas, we ended up having a smooth performance, with the right timing and cues for transitions/talking/actions. I think that we had a good use of teamwork as we were able to do all of the above. However, I feel like there could have been less arguing over a little thing at one point in rehearsal.