Inter[sections] Reflection

With the recent completion of my documentary film for Design and History, it is time for me to reflect on how the film has raised the target audience’s knowledge and understanding of how the theme of migration influenced the central characters.

In this film, the theme of migration was extremely pertinent and significant, particularly migration to Hong Kong, as it was the main idea that bonded the three interviewees together. All three individuals migrated to Hong Kong at different times for different reasons, and many push and pull factors came into play when deciding whether to leave the original destination and move to Hong Kong. Essentially, migrating to Hong Kong was not only the connection that the three individuals had, but also the reason why my group was able to meet and work together on a project like this. Needless to say, this migration had a huge impact on all three lives, especially when the living and working conditions are compared, all of which took a turn for the better.

We tried to demonstrate these messages through the film, particularly through the interviews that were held and recorded with each of the groups. With the recorded interviews, everyone was asked the same questions, meaning that the audience was able to consider a variety of perspectives and opinions on similar topics. In the interviews, each individual speaks of when and why they moved to Hong Kong, as well as how much their lives have changed as a result. This personal information conveyed through the interviews helps to support the points that may have been made in the introduction and builds up towards the end of the film for the final message. Finally, background research and context was also conducted and included in the film, providing useful information that might not be familiar to the audience and ensuring that all components make complete sense. Major research ideas included Communist China, as well as Hong Kong education, economic and health statistics.

Throughout various aspects of the film, the target audience was able to develop their ideas of how the theme of migration to Hong Kong had an impact on the three interviewed individuals.

Music – March Reflection

It has been 7 months since the beginning of the year. As a music student, I have been improving many of my skills to a great extent.

So far this year, I believe that I am progressing well on my instrument – the flute. I have found that I can sightread much easier and can quite comfortably play the notes on the page with minimal mistakes. I have also learned how to play a few of the higher notes (i.e. high Bb, B, C) and have been working towards perfecting the tone quality of all of my notes. In terms of technical skill, I think that I have improved with controlling my dynamics, articulation and tone quality, as well as my ability to play runs and trills due to quick finger movements.

I continue to improve my level of skill through weekly lessons that I take, as well as my active participation in one of the school’s bands, Symphonic Winds. I have been going to hour-long lessons in Tin Hau every Friday, working on many different aspects including fingering, sight-reading, tone quality and musicality. The lessons have also helped me to work towards graded examinations throughout the year, one of which I recently completed in October. At the same time, being in Symphonic Winds means that I attend approximately 2.5 hours of rehearsals every week, constantly working on and perfecting songs for performances.

Adding on to that, I also practice on my own at home on a weekly basis, in which I specifically work on scales, technical exercises and songs, whether they be for class, band or examinations. This typically happens once a week, either on a weeknight or on the weekend. 

As a musician, I find that I am most successful at note accuracy, rhythm accuracy and articulation. With note accuracy, I know how to play most of the notes within the flute’s range and can effectively apply my knowledge of the fingering to exercises and songs. This can also be seen through sight-reading unfamiliar songs, in which my mind and fingers have to be clear on how to move in order to hit the right notes. With rhythm accuracy, I pay close attention to the time signature and the way the bar is divided into beats, allowing me to easily pinpoint the exact rhythm of the melody. I am familiar with simple and compound time signatures, as well as different note values. Finally, I am able to distinguish between and establish different articulations, following the symbols on the page to tongue and play the notes correctly. 

On the other hand, I believe that I am the least successful at dynamics, tone quality and breathing/phrasing. My volume seems to stay rather constant throughout and the difference in dynamics isn’t too clear. With tone quality, I tend to become rather breathy when I reach the higher register, due to the fact that I seem to blow more in order to hit the notes. Finally, as for breathing and phrasing, I noticed that I am sometimes unsure where to breathe and how to breathe quickly, specifically when the tempo is rather fast and rests are minimal. 

To improve as a musician, I definitely need to work and improve on the weaknesses that I mentioned above, while further developing my strengths. I should practice more at home, and should focus only on the parts that require particular attention or correction. With more frequent and focused practice sessions, I will be able to efficiently work towards solving my problems and enhancing my skills. 

Throughout my musical career, other musicians have definitely inspired me to be more successful. My peers in class and fellow band members never cease to amaze me with their hard work and motivation. Just by being around them, I can feel their passion for music and their burning desire to continue improving. Many of my peers are extremely talented, so I find that being around them encourages me to be at their level. Similarly, my flute and piano teachers are a great source of inspiration to me as well. They have been doing what they love and do best, and are so passionate to the point where they would like to share their knowledge, expertise and experiences with others as well. I find that rather admirable and it constantly pushes me to make them proud.