Reflection on Heartbeats

With the start of the final MYP Design project, which is an integrated project with History, I would like to take this chance to reflect on my work, grades and feedback from the previous Design project, which was an integrated project with Science to create a heart valve model. 

Out of the four criteria (A, B, C and D), my weakest seemed to be Criteria C, as it received a relatively lower grade – 7/8 when the rest were 8/8. Specific feedback and comments for Criteria C were not given, so I can only make inferences as to how I can improve. Perhaps some of my process journal entries could have been longer and more detailed to ensure that I fully demonstrated the tools, materials, skills and techniques that allowed me to be successful. 

Bringing this to the upcoming Design project, I think that I should work to develop more detailed process journals with a clear demonstration and reflection of things I learned, changes I made, challenges I faced, and tools, functions and techniques that I used. With these aspects in mind, I will be able to produce well-written and successful journal entries. This will be measured through self-evaluation after each entry, in which I check to make sure that all possible points were mentioned with the support of ample evidence. Overall, this goal would allow me to effectively reflect on the creative process and document the ways in which I contribute to the film. This will hopefully be achieved by mid-March, which is when Criteria C of the workbook with 5 journal entries will be due. 

Health and Wellness Reflection

Over the past few months, I have been working to develop my healthy habits, specifically concerning fitness, food and sleep. For fitness, I set myself the goal of taking part in physical activity once per week. With food, I tried to cook at least 2 meals per week consisting of good quality protein, green vegetables, starchy vegetables or healthy grain, as well as bring lunch to school at least twice a week consisting of good quality protein and green vegetables. As for sleep, I aimed to drink herbal tea and read a book/magazine 30-60 minutes before bed. During this time, I took many pictures to track my progress and prove how each goal was achieved. 

Overall, I think I was able to meet all of my goals rather successfully. 

I took part in a physical activity at least once per week. This mainly consisted of weekly hour-long ballet classes, but it also included small workout or stretching sessions and dance practice at home on my own, which was all posted on Instagram and this iFolio. I think this was a realistic goal for me, as I feel that weekly physical activity is definitely very important, but is something that I don’t do very often nowadays, especially with the immense workload and stress. Because of this goal, I was able to push myself on a weekly basis, especially when I could not go to ballet for a particular week. This was a good experience, and I was able to develop an interest and enjoy stretching or learning dances from online videos. 

With the 2 goals that I set for food and nutrition, I cooked at least 2 meals per week consisting of good quality protein, green vegetables, starchy vegetables or healthy grain. I also brought a lunch to school at least twice a week consisting of good quality protein and green vegetables. Personally, I find that nutrition and health in this particular aspect is important, and I often pay attention to what I eat. I tend to cook and eat dinner at home quite frequently, so I was able to control the ingredients that went into the meals. This mainly consisted of meat and vegetables with rice, noodles or salad. As for bringing lunch from home, I often brought meat and vegetables with rice, sandwiches or sushi. Compared to the others, these two goals were relatively easier, as they were things that I did already to a certain extent, but more attention needed to be paid to the food that I was eating. 

Finally, for sleep, I drank herbal tea and read a book/magazine 30-60 minutes before bed. Because of this goal, I was able to try many new types of tea that I never would have tried, and reading before bed allowed me to relieve stress and mentally calm down. I felt that this helped a lot with falling asleep, and it also broadened my horizons with the books I read as well. This was definitely the hardest goal for me, as I often forgot to do it. Adding on to that, the workload from assignments and assessments interfered with and hindered this a lot, as I often stayed up late to complete tasks and wanted to sleep immediately after completion, making it hard to allocate and set time aside. However, for the nights that I did do this, I found it to be rather useful. 

In general, something that I think I can improve on is how frequent I posted about my habits. When looking at the dates of each post, it can be seen that they were rather frequent to start off with, but the days between each post gradually increased. This was most likely due to the great amount of other work that was given to us as time went on, but it was also an issue of time management that needs to be improved on. With regards to the individual goals, the one for sleep with tea and reading is the one that I think I can continue working on, as it would provoke better time management and enhance my sleep quality, which is currently lacking. 

All in all, this was a beneficial long-term assignment that allowed me to set and meet personal health and wellness goals, contributing to my daily lifestyle and giving me the opportunity to reflect on the habits that I have developed over time.