8 Bar Melody Final

Due to the fact that I was unable to complete my final 8 bar melody on time, the whole class comments can be seen in the previous post (8 Bar Melody Draft). I have since then taken the feedback and made changes accordingly.

Many said that I used too many eighth notes in the flute melody, so at the end of each 4 bar phrase, I made the ending note a little longer, to create balance and provide a break in between phrases. I also changed the chord progression, as I found that the third chord (iii) is rarely used in compositions. The third chords were all changed to tonic chords (I). I also changed the right hand piano accompaniment, as the feedback that I got stated that everything seemed too busy, with too much going on at a time. To minimize the distraction from the main flute melody, I simplified the right hand accompaniment to eighth notes and quarter notes, allowing the main melody to become more prominent.

You can listen to the improved composition below:


And see the score below (the file is a PDF, so click the link below to see it):

Charlotte – 8 Bar Melody Final