Design Day – Graphic Novel

Today was Design Day, meaning that we did not have any other classes and we spent the whole day being introduced to our new Design task – creating a graphic novel digitally based on the book Empire of the Sun. I learned the details of our task, as well as the requirements to be successful. I was able to develop some questions regarding the project, as to things that I did not know or was confused about.

We were also exposed to the world of Adobe Illustrator. I’ve only used Illustrator a few times, for Design mockups and PSAs, not graphic novels and panel sequences. We were introduced to a specific tool for the day – the pen tool. With my previous experiences, I had never used the tool before, so it was something new for me to learn. We had exercises to do, where we drew shapes and block letters with guides. It was rather confusing at first but I slowly got the hang of it and got used to the different controls. However, it would have been extremely hard without the guides, and I can’t imagine how I’ll draw out over 8 panels later on. One of the exercises can be seen below (the black outlines were done by me):

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 5.12.37 pm


Overall, it was a productive day where we were able to learn about our upcoming Design task and experiment with the application that we will use.