iPlay Response

How has the content covered in class so far (theory and performance) helped your development as a musician?

I think that the content covered in class so far has definitely helped my development as a musician. In terms of theory, I had learned it before and passed the exam a few years ago, so it was good that I was able to refresh my memory. Theory is very important, especially since I am considered to be a musician and I play two instruments. It helps me to understand how music works, to write and perform music accurately, to be able to sight read well, and much more. One thing that I had never done before during theory was creating my own notation, complete with notes and rests. This was interesting for me since I never thought that it would be considered to be theory as well, as I thought that theory was just about key signatures, time signatures, note and rest values, intervals, cadences etc.; but not about creating a new notation. In terms of performance and playing, it was something to add on to the pieces that I play outside of school, and it was something that I looked forward to every class, since I enjoy playing pieces on the flute. Playing in class is one thing, but performing in front of an audience in the LLAC is another. Performing in the Winter Concert has helped my development greatly, since I don’t have many chances to perform on stage. I did it quite a lot last year, since I was in a band, but this year I did not join one, so there were less opportunities. Performing in a band is another thing that I enjoy, so the experiences of performing increased my enjoyment for music.

Discuss the ways in which you are furthering your development as a musician.

I am furthering my development as a musician by taking piano and flute classes weekly, an hour for each class. I often practice at home. I have also downloaded some pieces for flute off the internet so I play the pieces in my spare time. As for the piano, I try to play some pop songs, so that I can have more enjoyment for piano, since I don’t really like playing the piano (I absolutely hated it when I was younger; I think I played too much of exam pieces).

Discuss how other musicians have inspired you to be more successful (consider musician in your class and/or in the school and/or outside of school).

I think that many other musicians have inspired me to be more successful, the inspiration mostly being motivation for myself. Many people in my class are amazing musicians, so just by hearing them play in class, I get the motivation to strive to become as good as them. Same goes to when I heard the bands playing at the Winter Concert. Comparing myself with the people playing, I noticed a large gap. Because of that, I have practiced the flute more often now, hoping that I can reach their level and perhaps join a band next year. Looking at my piano and flute teachers, and watching orchestras play also gives me the feeling that I’m not trying hard enough to improve my skills and techniques, and that if I do try hard enough, I’ll be able to play as well as them. This is a big source of motivation for me.