Hi Grade 5 and 6 :)

Hi Grade 5 and 6! 

I need your help with my iBook on a disease called Muscular Dystrophy.

Here is the link to download the iBook.

After you’ve gone through the whole iBook, please answer the questions in the comments below:

Was there a good balance of text, pictures and media? Why or why not?

Did the widgets in the iBook help to support the information/text?

Was the book visually appealing? Why or why not?

Was the language used in the book too hard, too easy, or just right?

Which parts did you like about the book (colours, information, use of widgets etc.)?

What are some things that you felt could be changed or improved?

Thank you for your answers and all your help :)

Has Hong Kong Limited Me or Expanded Me?

I feel that Hong Kong has definitely expanded me, as it is such an international city. Just by living in one city, I am able to experience so many different others, since there are people coming from around the world, and there are many restaurants, shops, and travel opportunities that allow me to do so. Living in Hong Kong has given me the opportunity to be learning and studying at a great school, and being able to make the most out of my life. Hong Kong is a great example of East Meets West, as there is a large Western influence on Hong Kong’s culture. Hong Kong also has a free flow of information, meaning that nothing is blocked, allowing me to know more about the world I live in; unlike in China, where information that the government does not want citizens to know, is blocked and unable to find.