PE Parkour Criterion D Reflection

Last Thursday, I did my parkour routine assessment. It consisted of using 6 different pieces of equipment and going from one wall to another and back again. 

I started the routine by going onto the beam in the middle, using the lower beam for help. Then I walked across vertically and did a straddle jump off to the right of the beam, landing on the blue mat. I could have improved this part by jumping off and landing in front of the beam, on the floor, which was my original plan, not to the right on the mat. I also could have been more confident when I was walking on the beam, so that I might have been able to have more balance. Another thing I could have done was make my straddle jump bigger, with my legs farther apart, so that it looked better.

The next thing I did was run and jump over the quarter-circle. Looking back at it, I feel that I should have lifted my legs up higher, because it seemed like my legs went partially around it on the side, instead of fully over.

After that, I went to the beam, put one hand on it and went under the beam. There was nothing specific that I made an error on here, but the one thing I could have done to improve it was to think of a more creative way to move around it, because the one I did might have been too simple.

When I went to touch the wall to signify that I had completed one side, I should have ran the whole way instead of walked, because it cut off the flow and it looked less enthusiastic.

On the way back, the first thing I did was step onto the “Tumbl Trak” pile. Something I could have done to improve this step was to hold my arabesque longer, because in the video it showed that I only briefly lifted my leg up then quickly put it back down. My plan was to do a tuck jump off of the pile onto the floor, but it seemed like I was too nervous and forgot, so it did not look like a tuck jump. 

Next, I did a forward roll on the blue mat. One thing I could have done to improve it was tucking my legs in, because when I watched the video I noticed that my legs instantly came back out, ready to get up and go, and it didn’t look good. 

The last thing I did was swinging on the higher bar, then holding on to the lower bar and going under it. l could have improved this part by making the ending more dramatic and prominent, so that everyone could tell that it was the end and that the routine was over. I also could have tried to do a flip on the lower bar, which would have made my routine look better.