Is My iFolio Ready to be Included in School Reporting?

I think that my iFolio is ready to be shared as part of the school’s report to my parents. I think this way because my iFolio really shows my learning progress from the beginning of the year until now. There are a lot of reflections to show what I think about my work at school, work that I’m proud of and how I was able to achieve the final product. There are also posts showing what I am doing in class right now, so that my parents are able to know what we are learning and doing everyday. I also think that my iFolio is ready because it is like an online diary with a collection of work from all the subjects that I am studying.

My Best Digital Work

I think that my best digital work of the year was a photograph that I took in Taiwan for CAS Week.








I really liked it because there is a lot of movement from the local citizens, lights from the night market, and a sunset in the sky.

CAS Week – Southern Taiwan

From May 12 to May 16, I went to Southern Taiwan for CAS Week. CAS stands for Creativity, Action and Service. In TaiNan, I was able to go to a lot of places and experience the culture of Southern Taiwan. It’s more rural and urban, far away from the city lights of Taipei, the capital of Taiwan.

On the first day, I had to wake up at 4:00am in order to get to the Hong Kong Airport Express station at 5:30am. When I got to the airport and checked in, I instantly met with my room mate Natalie and we rushed to the shops to buy magazines and food. Our flight was at around 8 and we landed at around 9. After we got all our luggage, we went on the bus, (took many selfies), and went to lunch. We had an all-you-can-eat hot pot lunch. Natalie and I became loners because we sat alone. We were so excited that we took too much food and didn’t finish it all OOPS. After lunch, we took a ferry to Gushan where we ate a big bowl of shaved ice. It was covered in fruit and strawberry sauce. It was so good I CAN’T EVEN. Kealani made her own ice pack by stuffing the ice into a plastic bottle :D. After that, we went to a scenic area where we took a lot of photos. But then, (DUN DUN DUNN) there were massive black clouds and it started to rain really heavily while we were waiting for the bus. Me and Natalie started screaming and rushed for cover under other people’s umbrellas. We were all happy to get on the bus and went back to the hotel to get changed. For dinner, we had a set menu which had so many courses that I could barely finish everything.  After dinner, we went to the love river (don’t worry, nothing happened there). We went back to the hotel on the subway, in which the station had a REALLY COOL CEILING.

That was a long Day 1. For Day 2, we went to the Fo Guan Shan Buddha Memorial Center to start off the day. The pictures we took there were AMAZING as all the pagodas made a very scenic view. There was a very large copper statue of the Buddha, and we also watched a 4D movie of the Buddha’s life. After that, we had free time to buy anything we wanted, so me and Natalie rushed to.. yup, you’ve got it: STARBUCKS :). On the bus ride to lunch, we sang a lot of karaoke. What we basically did was find all the english songs that were in the song book and put the numbers into the machine. The best songs which everyone sang where My Heart Will Go On, Dancing Queen and Can You Feel the Love Tonight. After a pretty good lunch, we went to a Hakka village to shop and make pottery and tea. I made a clay bowl with arrows on the inside. For dinner, we went to the night market. We were told to eat our dinner there. There were a lot of different stalls where we could buy a variety of food. The best thing there was BUBBLE TEA which is amazing. If you don’t know what it is, it’s basically milk tea with tapioca pearls in it. At the hotel, me, Christine, Kealani and Natalie prank called other people using funny lines from karaoke.

On Day 3, we went to Fort Zeelandia, which were the remains of the Dutch people when they took over Taiwan. There were cannons, walls and towers. We climbed up one of the towers and we got a panoramic view at the top. After a traditional Chinese lunch, we went on a mangrove tour, where we saw a lot of birds, crabs, and more. The only bad thing about the tour was that there were many mosquitoes on the boat, so many people got bitten. Our last stop of the day was a salt field. We were able to get souvenir salt to take home (I stuffed in as much salt as I could into the bag). We watched the sunset at the salt field, so I took many ‘artsy’ photos.

Day 4 was our last full day at Taiwan. We first visited a local elementary school (Ling Jhou Elementary School), where we received a very warm welcome from the local students. We each were partnered up with a buddy, and my buddy’s name was Monica. She was very enthusiastic about everything and asked me questions about myself. We played some Frisbee games, then went to go to class with our buddy. I went to English class with Monica. The class was about times of the day and what we do then (e.g. It is 6:30am, I make my bed. It is 4:30pm, I do my homework). We used those phrases in a competition-type of game and I might’ve (just might’ve) pwned them all. After classes with our buddies, we had cultural activities. We tried tea, did calligraphy, played traditional drums, and walked around a market. After visiting the elementary school, we had a two-hour bus ride to Kenting. For the rest of the day, we went to the aquarium. It was similar to Ocean Park in Hong Kong, without the rides and with more animals.

For the very last day, we went zorbing in the morning. We got into a big plastic ball, strapped ourselves onto the inside and rolled down the hill. At first I was pretty scared, but when I tried it it was really fun. I went in the ball with Natalie, and we sang Wrecking Ball all the way down: I CAME IN LIKE A WRECKING BALL, I NEVER HIT SO HARD IN LOVE, ALL I WANTED WAS TO BREAK YOUR WALLS, ALL YOU EVER DID WAS WRE-E-ECK ME. But there was a twist: everything that you say inside the ball, everyone will hear, because there is a microphone inside the ball. For lunch, we went to a restaurant next to the airport, which was cool because we could watch all the planes take off. When we reached the airport, we had a long time to shop, because our flight had a one-hour delay. We reached Hong Kong a bit later than we had expected, but that was okay.

Overall, I thought that this year’s CAS week was fun, educational and meaningful at the same time. I got to experience Taiwan’s culture and interact with the local students. I really enjoyed the trip, I hope I can go to Taiwan again!

Here are some pictures:

































Algebra Pre-Assessment and Assessment Comparison

I think that throughout this unit I didn’t really learn any new concepts, as I already learned this before – outside of class. Also, I can’t really compare the two assessments, as the pre-assessment wasn’t marked. But, I think that I had more careless mistakes in the assessment, because the questions required reading-over and the pre-assessment questions were more straight forward (for example: assessment question – My father is four times as old as I am. If my father is 24 years older than me, what are our ages? – here, I forgot to put the father’s age. Pre-assessment question – Solve. Show your steps. 3x + 7 = -8).

I didn’t find any of the concepts in this unit really confusing, meaning that I didn’t really need to study a lot – before classes or before the assessment.

Humanities and Design Documentary – Sikh Temple

Recently, we have been working on a documentary about the Sikh Temple. My group members are Kathy and Mahdi. If you haven’t seen the video yet, here it is:


After you watch the video, please go to our survey and give us feedback (scroll left and right to get more options for the grid):


Self Evaluation:

I think that our movie met all of the project specifications for the ‘media’ section (original/cited images and videos, works cited, suitable background music, visuals that support the narration etc.), but I think that we could have done more for the ‘story’ section of the specifications. We could have talked a little bit more of the historical context of Hong Kong when the temple was built, and we also could have made the documentary flow more. I know that if we had added the information, it would go overtime, but I think that there were some things in the movie that could be taken out.

I like how we were able to give quite a lot of information while having a time machine concept. I also liked how the off-screen narration was consistent/clear and that we were able to have a bombing/missile effect. I wish we had a variety of people talking in the narration and that we had subtitles so that other people could understand what we’re saying. What if we did more on-screen narrations and slowed our credits down?