Art Reflection

Since our art class is coming to an end, I will show the two best art pieces that I have done through the half year that I spent in art class. Also, I will reflect on the whole art term.

Here is the first art piece that I would like to show you guys:

This is the Shapes in Space art piece. This assignment was about having a room with a bunch of shapes in it, and they all had to relate to some sort of theme. I chose to do an Adventure Time theme, so I have some of the Adventure Time characters (in 3D) in the room, with a poster on the wall and a light in the shape of Finn’s head. The room was made using one-point perspective.

Here’s the second piece:

This is a sculpture made from plastic, wire, tape and paint. I was supposed to make the sculpture in the shape of someone doing movement. Since I like to do ballet, I decided to do my sculpture in the shape of someone doing ballet. You might not be able to see this, but I messed up the proportion of her right leg and I wasn’t able to fix it. Another mistake I made was that I didn’t wait long enough for the black paint on the leotard to dry. I was so eager to put the glue on immediately that when I put it on the black paint spread to all the skin coloured parts.

I think that for this whole art term I was not bad. My art pieces were in my opinion, average. I think that the only thing I could have changed/improved was focusing better, as sometimes I got distracted by my classmates.

Rational Numbers Unit Reflection

I think that the rational numbers skills that I am best at are: placing and ordering rational numbers on a number line, operations of fractions, reasoning on why I think something, drawing models to solve a problem and solving real-world problems involving rational numbers.

I think that I still need to work on making number lines that show I understand, not making careless mistakes and estimating when I need to. I will get the practice I need to improve by doing more problems at home and also editing my work to make sure that I have no careless mistakes.

I don’t think I really have a strategy that I used when I was learning the content in this unit.. most of the information that I learned were things that I knew before. I think that the only ‘strategy’ that I used in the test was using my knowledge that I had and putting it into my work.

A behaviour or study strategy that I’d like to improve on in class is participating more and not letting my group mates distract me when I work.

Blues Music

A while ago in Music, we learned about Blues Music.

I think that I have learned a lot more about Blues Music; such as the history of Blues Music, the 12 bar blues, how to write a blues solo, the blues scale and how to play a piece of music in a ‘blues’ feel.

I haven’t talked to my friends and parents more about Blues Music, but I think that I will in the near future, so that I can influence them to listen to Blues music and so that they can know more about the different types of music in the world.

I have really enjoyed playing Blues Music in class band! I liked the song Blues Down Under, as it sounded well when we played it altogether as a class. The song also was just right for my level, not too hard or too easy. I would like to play more songs with the class.

I played as a Blues Soloist in band for Blues Down Under. It felt fun to be able to play the main melody, and when the other people played the backing, as I said in the previous answer it sounded really good.