Autobiography Book Jacket

Here is my Autobiography that we did for Design Day as well.

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How was my experience different from what I anticipated at the beginning of the day?

At first, I thought that this day would be full of listening to people talk about Photoshop, Illustrator and more. I never knew that we would actually do some activities to help us with the task that we have to do in the future. Therefore, the activities that we did today gave me a better understanding of what I can expect.

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Judge a Book By its Cover

Today, we had Design Day. Our first task was to make two paper airplanes in a group based on the literature circle book that we read over the break. I was in a group with Adrien, Jessica, Nicholas and Pei Yu.

I think that it was a good chance to be able to collaborate with people from other classes, therefore improving my social skills, and to experience what we will be doing in the Design Cycle for making a book cover. So far, the only question that I have is: Since we have two Design Cycle tasks, if we get a lower mark on the second one, does the overall score drop or does it stay with the first mark?

Humanities – Map and Assessment – Reflection

Around a month ago, I did a Humanities assessment and I also had to create a map of a made up country. Recently, I got my marks back and now I’m going to reflect on it.

First off, the map.

I think that I did well in putting the BOLTS – Border, Orientation, Legend, Title and Scale. I also think that I did well in placing the longitude and latitude into the map and appropriately placing the different physical and human geographical features (mountain ranges, beaches, railroads, tunnels, lakes, rivers etc.).

I think that I can improve by adding more colour and making the map look more physically appealing to the audience. 

To do better for the next assignment, I will look over it first to check if it looks appealing, if it needs more colour and if I need to change anything. That way, I can check over what I’m doing to make sure that I don’t make the same mistake again.

On to the Assessment.

I think that I did well in most of the things: vocabulary, longitude and latitude, capitals, finding distance on a map, making a line scale, locating countries, and naming physical features on a map.

I think that I can improve by editing my work, because I carelessly left out Cambodia when I was locating the countries. 

To do better for the next test, I will constantly tell myself to edit my work. That way, I can get used to editing my work after I complete it and so after I finish writing a test I will automatically start editing it.


Math Reflection – Pattern Investigation Assessment

A month ago, our class (7C) did our math assessment. It was about 4 friends who swam and had plans for how many laps they would swim. I got pretty good marks.

I think that I did well in a few things:

– answering questions

– trying to express/show my thinking

– making tables and interpreting graphs

I think that I can improve in these areas:

– reading and understanding questions more carefully

– justifying my points/opinions

If I were to rank myself in terms of participation in class and collaboration with my group, I would probably rank myself as:

A 6-7 out of 10 for participation in class, because sometimes I don’t really want to participate, but sometimes if I know the answer and I’m really confident about my answer then I will participate and raise up my hand to answer.

And a 7 out of 10 for collaborating with my group. I think this way because sometimes my group just fools around, and I join along, or sometimes I don’t feel like participating, but sometimes I tell them to stop.

What did I learn about myself as a problem solver in this unit?

I think that I can easily find a pattern and describe it, I try my best to solve it and most of the time I do it pretty well. I think that I’m fine with the basic skills, but I need to focus more on editing and reading the questions carefully. I can also justify my points/answers better, saying why this or that might happen.