Typhoon Usagi.. No School Today

Since the Typhoon Usagi was still a Typhoon Number 8 at 5:30 this morning, school was canceled. According to the South China Morning Post, it is ‘the worst storm in 34 years’; more than 400 flights were canceled. It was changed to a Typhoon 3 signal at around 9:30 this morning, and the typhoon signal was taken off at around 10:30.

Fun Fact: Usagi is Japanese for ‘rabbit’.

On a day with no school, we should still do some independent home learning. So how can I use digital technologies to support my at-home learning?

– I can use Google Drive to collaborate with others and do work

– I can use Moodle to check out assignments due/surveys to submit

– I can use YouTube to do research, watch some news, or possibly record myself speaking and post it to improve confidence and public speaking skills

– I can use Google Calendar to see important events ahead and study for tests

– I can use Finale Notepad or Garage Band to use my music skills and create a piece of music

– I can use Pages to do my work and make an interesting poster or type up an essay

– I can use Keynote to do my work and make a good presentation

I’m pretty sure there’s more but that’s all I could think of.

Even if there’s a typhoon, or black rain and we can’t go to school, I think that we should still do some home learning because then we can be effective and learn things/do work as if it was a school day. That way, we don’t just waste a day of learning just because there’s bad weather.