Bubbl.us for Learning

This site can be used for learning because: I can be more familiar with new sites online, I can use communication skills to share this site with others, I can use time more efficiently – because it’s very easy to make and it takes very little time, I can be more digital – being able to make a mind map online instead of making it by hand, and I can improve my typing skills.

So if you ever want to make a mind map online, use this site because it’s easy, fast and efficient.


Mythical Creature

This is my mythical creature. It’s name is Roxanne the Little Blue Diamond.

The unique part about this ‘creature’ is that when you have it, you will be rich and have a lot of jewelry. Therefore, this ‘creature’ is directed at ladies/women/girls. The size is about as big as my thumb (5 centimeters) in length and the width is about the width of my arm…(about 6 centimeters). The color of it is a sort of teal-y light blue.

My ‘creature’ can impact mankind because even if someone stole everything from you, or if you go bankrupt for some reason, the Little Blue Diamond will always help you. When she helps you, a random person will go up to you and give all their jewelry or money. This will impact mankind because more people will get poorer and poorer, and the people who own the Little Blue Diamond will never get poor. It will affect relationships between people, because the people with the Diamonds might think that the people without them are considered ‘dumb’ or ‘stupid’ or ‘unworthy’, so they will ban the two groups seeing each other and they will never be able to communicate. Also, the people with the Diamonds will have more opportunities than the ones without.

Even though this creature seems like an unfair, evil thing that will split people into groups, the people with the Diamonds will have a very happy, rich life, and they will say the opposite – that the Diamonds are great.

Exhibition ACTION

For our exhibition, we have to take action, SO I decided to do 2 because the first one wasn’t enough to me. 

My first action was doing 4 paintings with my group, each representing a different rite of passage. We wanted people to analyze it, think of how it connects to you and how a rite of passage may have affected your life somehow. We got it done before the exhibition so we put it up in our booth and we explained what we did to the visitors. We’re trying to get it put up somewhere in the school so that other people can see it too. I think that the degree of participation that my action is Number 7: Child-initiated and directed, because we thought of it ourselves and thought of our own ideas.

Here’s a photo of the paintings in our booth but it’s quite blurry:

I’m planning to do a second action, which will be done on June 5 2013. My friend Karen’s going to help me, and we’ll be doing something special for the whole grade to congratulate them for going through a rite of passage and completing Grade 6. The reason that I’m not saying what it is is because Karen and I want it to be a surprise for the whole grade, because anyone from the grade can just come and read it, they can spread it to the whole grade, and then it won’t be a surprise anymore. I think that the degree of participation that my action is is Number 7 too: Child-initiated and directed, because our teacher actually thought of the general idea (congratulating people after they go through a rite of passage), but we thought of it in more detail; and we’re also going to do it ourselves.