For these few weeks, I’ve been working on my exhibition so I didn’t really write any reflections…

So we had the PYP Exhibition and here’s the chosen logo by Jackie:

My group (which had 3 other people in it – 2 boys and 1 girl) investigated rites of passage. I thought that the hardest part was the research (or the Finding Out). I think the researching was challenging because we needed to have a reason to trust the site and have true information. This was sometimes hard because we were not allowed to use Wikipedia, answer sites and blogs. Those were usually the most useful things that came up after a google search. If it wasn’t from those categories then the answers weren’t very helpful. But after I was introduced to more resources that I could use, I gradually found more sources and it got better.

I know the teachers actually don’t want us to think in this way, but I personally think that the exhibition is like a big exam to use all the knowledge that we’ve learned before. The units that we did this year was actually helping us to be successful in the Exhibition – conflict resolution (for when we have conflicts with our group), art and design (for help with the booth), and a landform presentation (it was similar to the exhibition except we had a script, everyone presented together and we presented with a google presentation instead of a booth). So the teachers want us to think that it’s just another summative (which is true), but I think it’s bigger than that.

I think that the most interesting thing was how we all worked really well together. We each had our own strengths that can help the group, and we got the wrok done on time. On the last hour of the day where everything for our booth and our process journal needed to be done, my group was just sitting there and writing a nice easy group reflection, while almost everyone else was just running around, trying to get things done. I also was amazed at how I was the only person from 6A there and everyone else was from 6E.

Throughout the Exhibition process, I learned that I can be very quiet when it comes to me having to talk, and I also found out more strengths (or weaknesses) that I have: I want to be neat all the time and I’m a perfectionist. I want everything to be perfect and I keep thinking that what I do is bad and it can be improved.

Even though the Exhibition is almost over, I think that I still could’ve done more by getting out there and bringing people in to our booth, because when there was people passing by, I didn’t feel like walking up to them and talking to them. I just watched other people talk and I only talked to around 10 people overall during school hours.

One of the walls from our booth completely came down and fell so we had to stay during our class time to put the things back up and make it more secure. I hope it stays up for at least some more hours!! If not, I have NO IDEA of what we’re going to do.

And, it stayed! We were so relieved but the next day we had to take it all down so…why doesn’t it stay up when we want it to, but stays when we need to take it down?

Anyways, here’s some pictures of the process:

Before the exhibition – work we did:







Making of the booths:







Our booth!














So good luck to everyone out there doing the exhibition, and…ya.