Keep on going, EVEN if it’s hard



URGH. Anyways, it’s been a haaaard week with a loooot of stuff going on. THE WORLD IS GOING WAY TO FAST!!! Someone should totally go check the speed of the Earth. SOOOO, anyways, I decided (yes, yet again) that I kept going even when it was hard. Reasons: When I was doing my work I didn’t really just give up if I couldn’t do it or I didn’t get it. I just tried again and again to make it work…or get it correct. 

So…we started the EXHIBITION. We’re all in groups of about 4, and we’re supposed to be with students from different classes who have the same interests as us. My group: Rites of Passage. We’re all working really hard and we’re trying to finish all of our research before the break ends….hope everyone did their job.

Anyways, to make this blog more….’fun’, every week I will post a Justgirlythings picture. And no, I will not tell you where I got it…!



Fact: er…..GO ☮INFINITE 6!!☮

What did I do? I checked over my own work!

Hey peeps! This week, I decided that I checked my own work, because I usually read over my work after I finished it, to check if there’s any errors, mistakes etc. This is actually a good thing, because my mom keeps telling me to look over my work and editing it, like on the test, because I sometimes make a careless mistake, and I don’t check over it, then I get it wrong… But there isn’t much to talk about, so…..MOVING ON.

Sorry for the different shades of blue, I just feel like it today…ANYWAYS on Thursday it was Pi (Pie) day, so how did we celebrate it? NO, we did not do a bunch of math problems that had pi in it, because that would just be BORING. At lunch recess, there was the First Annual ‘Pie in the Eye’ celebration where students would smack pie/cream into the teacher’s faces. Well, how did the teachers get picked? There were a bunch of plastic containers in the lobby with slots for coins, so everyone voted for the teacher that they wanted to get ‘pie-d’. The 3 heaviest teacher’s containers would be the ones to get ‘pie-d’! The lucky (or unlucky) teachers were: Mr Hughes, the school principal; Mr MacPherson, Grade 6 team leader/6C teacher (and also my teacher in Grade 5); and last but not least Ms Kinsinger, the 6E teacher and choir teacher. I knew all of them, so it was fun to see them get pie-d!

After lunch, my class celebrated by eating pie! 7 of us brought in pies to share with the class. And now, I will announce the awesome people that brought in pies (including me :P):

David – Apple pie

Alvin – Apple pie

Arthur – Chocolate pie

Julian – Chocolate pie

Sonia – Chocolate pie

Me – Coconut pie

Lizzy – Pork pies

Anyways, today I got a package on my dining table that had my name on it. There was a card and a gift wrapped in wrapping paper (well duh). But, why, do you ask, did I get it? Well, I had a feeling of what it was, because I kinda recognized the handwriting, but I opened the card to make sure. Yup, it was my BFF who lives in Canada, Arielle. She remembered my birthday and gave me: A long card, a Webkinz and 2 One Direction books! Yay! Thanks Arielle! But sadly, she’s not coming to visit this year. 

Oooh ooh oooh ooh aaaaand, today is Pajama and Pancake day! Most of us wore our pajamas to school. Here’s a picture of the people in our class that wore pajamas:

“(Beatboxing) Oh Mickey you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind, hey Mickey, hey hey hey Mickey! Oh Mickey you’re so fine

And you’re mine. I’ll be your’s, ’till the end of time, cuz you make me feel, yeah you make me feel, so shiny and new. Like a virgin, touched for the very first time, like the

One in me, that’s OK, let’s see how you do it, put up your deuce, let’s get down to it, hit me with your best shot, why don’t you hit me with your best shot, hit me with your best shot, fire away!”

Riff-Off (Well, the first part of it) (Treblemakers, Barden Bellas and Bu Harmonics, from Pitch Perfect)

Who wants a fact? 


BYE!! (Sorry I ran out of facts….oh wait no – Did you know that the width of your arms stretched out (including part of your body) from the tip of your finger to the other finger, it actually how tall you are (but in width form)?


✰ I found resources for myself!! YAY! ✰

✷ Hey guys, this week, I decided that I searched and found resources for myself. Here’s a reason why: when I was working on my summative, I didn’t ask anyone for any resources, I just found them myself. This is important because if you just keep on relying on other people to find resources for you, you won’t be able to find your own things when you grow up, because you’ll be on your own and maybe that person won’t be able to be there for you at that time. Also, if you never do things for yourself, and rely on others, you won’t grow up to be a very successful person. So if any of you out there always rely on your parents, family or friends….well, it’s not very good for you. Try to be independent and do things by yourself and rely on YOURSELF. ✷

☄ ANYWAYS, there really isn’t anything to talk about for the ‘Thinking about my learning”, so I’ll talk about some…other……….things…. ☄

❊ POLYVORE! (dance dance dance dance)

POLYVORE! (dance dance dance dance)

Hey guys so the reason I am cheering for Polyvore is because it’s one of the coolest things I’ve seen! You have different clothes, accessories, and you can put them together to make a cool outfit! I got addicted to it… ♥♥♥♥♥ ❊

Also, I know I haven’t mentioned it before, so….YOU GUYS SHOULD TOTALLY VISIT THE….PURPLE KARAHANA (for this month named The Pink Karahana). It’s an AWESOME blog with Polyvore, stories like The Clique, and lots of other cool things! (BTW, I’m one of the admin there, see if you can spot me :) ) You can also find links to other cool blogs, like FairyGirl11952.

“We’ve been friends, now for a while, wanna know that when you smile, is it me yeah, are you thinking of me yeah. Oh oh, girl what would you do, would you wanna stay, if I were to saaaaaay. I wanna be last yeah, baby let me be your, let me be your last first kiss, I wanna be first yeah, wanna be the first to take it all the way like this. And if you-ou-ou, only knew-ew-ew, I wanna be last yeah, baby let me be your last, your last first kiss.”

Last First Kiss (One Direction)

Did you know that a sneeze can travel 100 miles an hour?

Did you know that….it’s almost my birthday?

Well anyways…see you guys soon!

This week…I….took….time….to……over….my……..

This week, I decided that I….took time to read over my work!

I say this because whenever I finish my work, I take some time to read over it, to make sure that I didn’t write any wrong words, make a duplicate of the word or made a grammar mistake. 

There isn’t much to write about that….BUT this week we did a lot of…interesting things I guess…? One thing that was interesting was getting little slips of questions, looking at a picture and answering the questions. In the end, we figured out that we were using A LOT of transdisciplinary skills while doing the exercise. I guess we just do it without realising!

Also, when we were practicing for World Maths Day, 6A became…..FIRST!!!!! We were really happy and we all took screenshots of it…here’s mine:

“I’ve been livin’ for the weekend, but no not anymore”

Bright Lights Bigger City (The Treblemakers, Pitch Perfect)