Answers to Questions for PE

What does sportsmanship mean to you/look like to you? Give some examples.

Sportsmanship looks like people shaking hands after a game, not calling people cheaters after they lost the game, or calling the people who lost ‘losers’. It should look like congratulating the other team whether they won or lost, high-fiving them, and saying: ‘Good Game!’.

Why is it important to follow the rules of a game?

It is important to follow the rules of games because if we don’t, the game would get totally messed up. For example, if someone starts travelling in basketball, it would be way easier for that team. Also, it wouldn’t exactly be fair because then it would be harder for the other team to get the ball.

Why are good team strategies important to success in team games? Give examples of strategies for team handball?  How would you create and/or deny space in team handball?

What is a strategy you/your team used in “Capture the Flag” to be more successful?

In “Capture the Flag”, I try to communicate with my team, and keep running around to prevent the other team from running in/getting out with the ball.

Team strategies are important because if we don’t use them, then we wouldn’t really know what to do, and we wouldn’t be able to work together as a team properly.

You create space by moving around to an open space where people can throw to you and putting your hands up to catch the ball, making sure the thrower can throw to you and the opposing team won’t be able to intercept the ball.

You deny space by getting close to the thrower, blocking him/her so that you put pressure on him/her and it would be hard for him/her to pass to the teammates, blocking the people on the other team so that you can intercept the ball when it gets to them.

Describe why having strong skills helps your team be more successful? Give some examples of skills with a specific team sport in mind.

Having strong skills are important because without them, you wouldn’t be good at the game which leads to your team losing or you not being able to do much.

Describe why having strong skills helps your team be more successful? Give some examples of skills with a specific team sport in mind.

In soccer it is important to be good at the following skills…kicking, having good aim, stopping the ball with your foot,  blocking the goal, fake-pass, moving around so that you confuse your opponents and create and deny space.

Why does a team that is very physically fit have an advantage over a team that is not fit?

The team that is physically fit has an advantage(s) because if you’re not fit then you might be fat, so you will run really slowly. Also, it you’re not fit, you’ll get tired easily and that will slow down your whole team, making your team lose. If you’re fit, then you can run around without a care, being able to pass easily and you won’t get tired so easily.


Hey guys!

I know the title is really weird, but it’s going to be a 100 days of school tomorrow (which basically is Wednesday, 30 January, 2013)! Can’t wait!!! Our class is going to do weird dances in different places (inspiration from Where the Hell is Matt – you can watch it on Ms. Sandul’s blog), and im PRETTY sure it’s going to be *AWESOME*! Also, we’ve been working a lot on our speeches for the exhibition…it’s hard work but we learn a lot. Oh and today the class debated on a subject (related to a lady walking while texting) and yours truly was a judge with some other people and got to decide who was responsible for all this mess. You can see more about what we’ve been doing everyday on the 6A blog (you can go to my side bar and click it or search 6A blog on google and it should be the first one).


*Peace out*

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Another Week Gone By….

Another week has gone by and we’ve been doing quite a lot!
In math, we learned about RUCSAC, which is a way to solve math problems. Some other things we did: We made central ideas, made photos representing Where We Are in Place and Time, we’ve been doing more newspaper articles (writing summaries and making connections), we talked about speeches and we also made our own math game. I made my game with Sammi and it’s called Frac-OPS. It’s about fraction operation and whoever gets the highest numerator wins. It challenges you to think before you decide. 
We’ve been doing a lot this week and I think that it’s pretty good because then we can be able to do more things, and learn more.

Week of Jan.7 – First Week After the Break

Its the first week after the break and we’ve been working real hard!

WE GOT NEW AIR CONS TO COOL OUR AWESOME SELVES DOWN!!!! YAAAY!!!! The class was a real mess when the workers put the air con in. Here’s what it looked like:

Not…should I say….”neat and tidy”!

We started Tuning In into the exhibition (Where We Are In Place and Time). We got our process journals (I picked to use a sketchbook), and we put quite a lot of things in already. We also reflected on our 3 process journals. We had to see how we improved, and how we can improve. 

We also had Crossroads. Crossroads is an activity organized by the Grade 9s. We all went to 3 activities each, and the purpose of it is to be able to experience how the blind, poor, tortured etc. people felt. I also did this activity and you can see my post about it here. First, I went to an activity about being poor (Poverty). We had to run from one line, then back, then run to the end, then back 5 times. In the end I won! And whoever won gets extra money at the end. There’s also 2 rich people who just stand there and do nothing but get more money than we do!!! The second part was we had to carry a desk and do the same thing (notice how I said carry and not drag). It was really hard but my friend Sammi won and I finished in second. The third part of this was to push the desks into the middle and run around in circles. Whoever ran the most circles would win. This time, it was also Sammi who won. In the end, you had to pay 25000 to buy 1 candy but I only had $20000 so I couldn’t get one. But, we all got 1 before we left (except the people who could afford it). The second activity was about the blind. We put on blindfolds and the Grade 9s told us that we would be going through a maze. I stuck with my friend Rachel (by holding on to her jacket). On the way, we felt a few things to guide us to the end. We were 1st to finish! Here I learned that there’s a lot of people who can’t see properly, and it’ll be really hard for them to get around Hong Kong, because even we were confused when we went in the maze! The third and final activity was about Torture. We went into a dark room and took turns to experience the torture. We would “sleep”, then the Grade 9s would come and “wake us up” really loudly. Then, they forced us into chairs and asked us questions. Then, each person would have a try at “torture”. You would sit in a chair, with your head back, and they would drip water down your face. They would at last find out that you don’t have any information, and let you sit back down in your original chair. They would continue doing it to everyone until they figure out that none of you had the information they needed. A lot of this happened during 911 to find out where Osama was, and I don’t think it’s really fair if you actually don’t know anything. Some of this even lasted for days!! But, I think that if someone actually does know something, then they should be questioned. Overall, this activity helped me learn a lot about the issues that are happening in the world right now, and I got to experience different situations.























We’ve also had people come in to our class, we looked for newspaper articles, we’ve studied for and had our CAMS test, we listened to Steve Stiller (our Artist in Residence) and we sorted books according to the theme.







Tata for now!

Stargirl ;)