Weekly Reflection #…? (I forgot)

This week we’ve mostly been working on our summative. My first 6 cupcakes turned out ok, though a few of them didn’t look too good. Today (November 9th), we had our Remembrance Day ceremony. I’m in choir, so I had to perform in the G3-6 and G1-2 ceremonies. I think that celebrating Remembrance Day and wearing Poppies is important because even though you might not really have any connection with it, without them fighting, our world might not be as good as it is today.

Here is the picture of the choir singing for the ceremony:

Here is what I think: What would happen if one of my relatives went to fight in the war and died? I know that I would be really depressed. If there will be a war in Hong Kong, I wouldn’t know what to do. I wonder how the dead soldier’s friends, colleagues – and most importantly – family would feel about this.

Back to…better stuff. Even though singing in the choir is fun, and I get to miss parts of class, the bad thing is that I don’t make it in time for lunch. Which means that I have to sit there with all the choir people 15 minutes after lunch, while everyone is already having lunch recess having fun. ¬†:(

We are having the Young Americans International Outreach Tour next week!!! Can’t wait!!!

Stay tuned for more posts! :D

Stargirl aka Char

Hey Peeps!

Sorry guys, haven’t had time to write on my blog.

But, now that I am here, I’ll tell you a little of what happened during this long period of time.

On October 31st, aka Halloween, I dressed up as The Black Swan. Something that suprised me was that a lot of people were dressed up as devils! I mean – yes I know, devils are cool, evil and they match the Halloween spirit – but seriously, a lot of people were devils!

The Halloween party was great, with lots of great food and a huge amount of dancing. We always have “theme songs” for the year: The 2010-11 G5 student’s theme song was DJ Got Us Falling in Love Again, 2011-12 G5 student’s theme song was Dynamite, and now the 2012-13 G6’s theme song is GANGNAM STYLE! (PSY is getting soooo popular now). Mr MacPherson¬†made a video of us dancing, the teachers dancing and Halloween pictures of class 6C (’cause that’s his class). Here it is:


I might’ve eaten too much junk food and gotten too cold, because after the party I started getting sick (with runny nose and coughing), and right now I’m still sick!

Change of topic. For our summative, we had to pick a topic, pick a theme/purpose and make 3 products. The evaluation will not be on the final product but on the process of making our 3 products. My topic is Culinary Arts and my theme/purpose is to make the perfect Spring cupcake. So far, I have gotten ready for my 1st piece. I have chosen to use cake mix for my first recipe. I will use icing (and possibly candy and sprinkles) to decorate the cupcake and put butterflies, flowers and other Spring-related things on them. I will take lots of pictures. Hope it will turn out well!

I’m pretty sure that’s all, folks. Stay tuned for more posts!