These few weeks have gone by really quickly….I’ve forgotten what week it is already!

One of the important things that happened this week was our class photo. I thought it went pretty well, and for our funny picture we did Gangnam Style! We also took a picture of us holding our instruments. Here are 2 photos:









We also made some really cool posters about the different art forms. My group members were Jenkin and Alvin and our topic was Architecture. The other group’s topics were: Culinary Arts, Textiles, Poetry, Drama, Photography, Music and Fashion Design. 








What I look forward to every Friday during school is my ECA during lunch: Knitting! I come up to my class, knit with my friends and chat and laugh at the same time!







I also found a cool video: Plant vs. Zombies Gangnam Style!


If you can’t see the video, here’s the link.

I actually didn’t remember much of what happened, but these are the few things that I liked of this week.

Keep looking for more!

Stargirl aka Char

Integers Digital Tutorial

These few days, my friend Rachel and I have created an Integers Digital Tutorial for the Grade 5’s, we chose to make an iMovie. We presented our movie to Charlotte and Caitlyn in 5A. I think that we could’ve made the video easier for the Grade 5’s to understand, because Caitlyn ticked ‘sort of’ and Charlotte ticked ‘mostly’. The length was OK, it was mostly easy to follow, the language was fine, it was engaging and kept their interest, but they can’t really seem to use the information they learned. So overall, I think we did pretty well, and the experience was cool, even though my head was in my arms the whole time (I had no confidence :D!)

Here’s the video:


Ties That Bind, Ties That Break – Reflection

In the past month, we’ve been reading a book in literacy circles about a Chinese girl. Either Chinese Cinderella or Ties That Bind, Ties That Break. I chose to do Ties That Bind, Ties That Break. My group members were: Sonia, Rachel, Russell and Alvin. Here are some connections from the book to my life:

EMPATHY: Father knows how Ailin feels and doesn’t make her get her feet bound.

CONNECTION: Once, my cousin fell down, and I knew how she felt so I comforted her.

REFLECTIVE: Ailin thinks about the past and connects it to now.

CONNECTION: Sometimes, I also think about the past and compare it to the life I have now.

OPEN-MINDED: The Macintosh School doesn’t only accept boys like all the other schools, they accept girls too.

CONNECTION: When I’m in a group, I am Open-minded about other people’s ideas. Also, a lot of schools now accept both genders, but some don’t.

INDEPENDENT: Ailin goes out to find a doctor herself; She is independent enough to be an Amah.

CONNECTION: I do my english homework independently at home.

RISK-TAKER: Ailin goes to Big Uncle’s place; She decides to work as an Amah.

CONNECTION: When I was young, I was a Risk-taker and decided to learn Ballet.

RESPECT: Big Uncle respects father’s wishes of his kids going to school.

CONNECTION: I respect my grandma by taking care of her; getting water for her whenever she coughs.

KNOWLEDGEABLE: Ailin knows the laws and the illegal things of her country.

CONNECTION: I know about some of the things happening in Hong Kong by watching the news.

INQUIRER: Ailin’s dad was very curious about her experiences at school.

CONNECTION: My mom is always curious about what I did in school, and how things went. Also, when I don’t get something, I keep asking.

ENTHUSIASTIC: Ailin doesn’t feel sad about things, she is cheery and happy.

CONNECTION: Whenever I go to art class I am very enthusiastic, cheery and happy.