Week 5 of G6!

The fifth week already! The days sure go by fast…

Monday was the day of chinese test! But we also had some sad news…sorry Darren. We all pitched in to write cards for him. So if you’re reading this, Darren, be sure to look in your desk on Monday! We all feel really sorry for you, we’ll be there for you.

But this week wasn’t all sad. We also did some other things:

One of the days, we listened to Mrs. S talk about how to be a counsellor. This was useful because our summative assessment is to solve a conflict in the role of a counsellor, so we can understand how to solve these sort of problems. 






We also did some cool art! We get a picture that represents conflict, then color it, then make another one out of fabric! This is really fun and it’s cool because we can see different people’s perspective on conflict.






We also played a math game using dice to improve on adding and subtracting integers. We worked in pairs, and I worked with my friend Rachel. 






We also watched 2 videos. You may have watched it already before, but it’s really cool!


This is the original video.

This is the awesome response by someone else! It’s so funny! The song is still stuck in my head!

This week hasn’t been the total best in happiness, but we still learned a lot of things.


Week 4!!

On to week 4!

Some things that we did this week:

Ms Doolette-Cox came in and talked/lectured about our values (where we learned a lot of new things). This was a good thing because we learned how to give actual evidence of our values and we tested our listening skills!

I would also like to show you this video, it’s called “Shift Happens”. You may have watched it, but if you haven’t, here it is!

Also, because of our unit, we watched an episode of “Lie to Me”. It is really cool! There is this doctor and he can tell your expression/if you’re lying. We watched the episode “Love Always”, it is about this korean marriage and the groom gets shot, so the doctor and his crew try to find out who it is. I won’t spoil the ending, but it has something to do with the bride (Phoebe). 

We also had some treats: Cupcakes and Goodie Bags from Sammi! The cupcakes were really good, so thank you!

Can’t wait for next week!

Charlotte aka Stargirl

The 2nd and 3rd week of G6!

Hey guys! I didn’t have time last week so I’m going to do both weeks together.

Okay, first things first. On our second week we made a collage of our values! I thought they were pretty good. We printed out pictures from our computer and put it together. After that, we commented on other people’s collages. I thought that this was a great exercise because we could learn other people’s values and also use your creativity!






We also became expert interviewers! We thought of questions and interviewed classmates for a waiter/waitress job. This was interesting because then we can prepare ourselves for future jobs! Who knows, we might apply to be a waiter/waitress and get the job because of this experience!






We re-imaged our computers and now it’s like brand new! BUT I was so afraid I didn’t put everything on my hard drive, but I guess it’s fine now.

On to our third week. We did some math stations again and I thought they were fun to do. This is helpful because if someone doesn’t know about integers they can learn it, and if you’ve learned it before you can just revise it. 






Ms. Sandul also showed us a picture where we had to find as many faces as we could. This was cool because we could find the many different faces and see what other people’s perspectives are. Here are some pictures for you to find the faces/people in them!


















We also had many guest speakers = many reflections to write!

Wonder what’s in store for me!