Photo of the Day

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This is a picture of two hamsters having tea together, one of the hamsters is being very impolite and stuffing it’s face into the cup. The other one is staring at him and thinking: “Just once I’d like to go somewhere nice without you embarassing me.”

I chose this photo because it is very funny. I find it really cool that they can position the hamsters in the right place, and make them do the right thing. It’s like they are humans! I like how the photographer used the same colors(red, orange, yellow and white) in the background over and over again (like on the wall, on the carpet and on the cups), that makes the photo better.

Journey to the South East New Territory Dump

Today, 5A and 5B went to the S.E.N.T. (South East New Territories) Landfill which is in Tseung Kwan O. There are 3 existing landfills in Hong Kong: the N.E.N.T. landfill, the W.E.N.T. landfill and the S.E.N.T. landfill. There are actually 16 landfills in Hong Kong, but 13 of them are filled up and was used to make Soccer fields, Golf training fields, Baseball fields and others, this is called restoration. Here is a picture of a landfill that was restored to make a park in Jordan:

We saw a PowerPoint about Waste Management in Hong Kong, and we also went into part of the landfill! The PowerPoint taught us a lot of new things, here are some of the things I learned: that landfills can be restored to make parks and other things, there is actually 16 landfills in HK but 13 of them are full and have been restored, how the landfill treats their gas, that the 3 landfills will be filled up in 2015-2020, that there is a layer of liner protecting the waste like a big rubbish bag so they won’t spill out, and that we produce 5,000 tonnes of waste everyday. We also learned a bit about how we deal with our rubbish, and here is a link to waste management graphs.

In the landfill, we saw a truck dumping rubbish out, the liner on top of the waste, a lot of birds flying around (I don’t know why), a gas flare(which is a column that burns gas), which was really cool to see and a water treatment plant which treats the leachate, it puts bacteria in with the leachate.

I think that we should reduce our waste and instead of putting it in the landfill, we should recycle it, reuse it or compost it. That way, we can protect the earth and let our next generations live well!

Our trip to the S.E.N.T. landfill was educational and fun, because I learned a lot of new things and it was interesting to see the landfill and to see the tipping phase, even though we didn’t actually go in the landfill(we stayed on the bus the whole time). It is very rare for a normal person like me to go in to see the landfill and I hope we can go to another landfill again!

Sapphire Battersea

This week I read a book called Sapphire Battersea by Jacqueline Wilson. Jacqueline wrote in an interesting way which made me want to continue reading. Also, at the end of an exciting part she stopped the story and said it would be continued in the next book. That is good because that would make you want to read the next book. I liked Hetty aka Sapphire because she is nice when she needs to and angry at the right times, I like her sapphire blue eyes. I never knew that in the book Hetty aka Sapphire would get fired from her job. It was very sad when Hetty aka Sapphire’s mom died, if my mom died a would be very sad. I think this book is really good because a lot of unexpected things happen. I can’t wait until the secquel comes out!!!

Waste Management and Others

Right now we are learning about waste management and the strategies. of waste management. Tonight I am doing research on the advantages, the disadvantages, and the impacts of the different waste management strategies. I am using different graphic organisers to sort my information. The waste management strategies are: Recycling, Reducing, Reusing, Landfill, Composting, Dumping and Incineration. I have to find out what impact the different waste management strategies have on communities and on the environment. I also have to find out what the advantages and the disadvantages of the waste management strategies are.

The days are leading up to our summative assessment, I’m so nervous! We have to do a speech and make a poster. At least it’s not tomorrow……We are also doing trash art. We collected trash from our house and we brought it in to class. Now we have to make art out of it! I’m excited about that! We can do it by ourself or in groups of 2, so of course I went in a group with Alpha-Adventurer 20! We are thinking of making a cute panda! Hope it turns out to be good!

Moshi Monsters Pick Your Path: Disco Mystery

I am going to write about a book called Moshi Monsters Pick Your Path: Disco Mystery. I think it’s really cool because there are so many endings that you could have. One thing I found interesting was that they change real popstar names in to names that are kind of monster-like, for example, Avril Lavigne turns in to Avril le Scream, Justin Bieber turns in to Dustbin Beaver, Taylor Swift turns in to Taylor Miffed. I really liked this book because you can have so many different endings if you pick a different path each time.

If you feel like reading this book, you don’t have to know Moshi Monsters. It’s a really cool book and I think you should try it.

Today: Thursday

Today is Thursday!! I’m not feeling so well…. :( but I’m starting to feel better. We just did a math assessment on fractions, I thought it was pretty easy, and I was the first one to hand it in! Some people in my class are going to do a speech in front of the class later on (including me)! I’m so nervous….hope I will do well. Wish me luck! Just to let you know, I will be talking about my summer holiday for my speech. Yesterday night I was so scared and nervous I couldn’t fall asleep!

I need to relax for a while…..Well, talk to you next time!

Wish Me Luck!


I am going to write about a book called Vampalicious from the My Sister the Vampire series by Sienna Mercer. It’s about two girls named Ivy and Olivia who find out they’re twins. Ivy is a vampire and Olivia is a human. They previously found out that Ivy’s dad is actually also Olivia’s dad! It’s just a few months after they find out that they’re twins when Ivy’s dad anounces that he and Ivy are moving to Europe. The twins are sad and try to find a way to stop Ivy’s dad from moving. They try a lot of different plans, but they don’t work. Then, Olivia finds out that her mom died of giving birth to them and that her dad is only moving because he wants to protect her from going with vampires(since humans are not allowed to mix with vampires and Ivy is a vampire). They tell their dad that they found out about that and their dad decides not to move. In the end, Olivia goes with Sophia, Brendan and Ivy to the vampire’s own mall to see the Holiday Bat(the vampire’s Santa Claus).

I really like this book because I like the 2 girls’s creativity in trying to get their dad not to move to Europe. I also like it because I think it’s a really interesting book. If I realised that I have a twin sister that’s a vampire, I would be freaked out and excited. I like Ivy more because I feel that she’s more cool. I have also read another book in the series called Re-Vamped! I would reccomend this to any girl I know, I would rate it 5 stars, hope you can read it too!

My Learning This Week

This week our class did a lot of things:
-going on a field trip to the EcoPark and Yoi An(a place which recycles plastic)
-defining the central idea
-working on the 6 thinking hats
Now I’m going to talk about it……
5A and 5C went to the EcoPark. There were 2 sections. We went inside first, we saw things related to recycling and Hong Kong’s waste management. Then, we went to a place where they recycle plastic. I learned about the different types of plastic(there are 7), how we can sort the different types of plastic, the different types of waste, about Hong Kong’s 3 landfills, about landfills and how Yoi An recycles their plastic.
Our class broke up the central idea: Societal decisions made about waste management affect communities and the environment. We looked at the important words and thought of words that are similar to the word. Our whole class came up with a lot of words for that.
We also worked on the 6 thinking hats. We watched a Power Point about them and learned that: the thinking hats were invented by Edward de Bono and what the 6 thinking hats were.

We each had a topic(like soda fountains in school, 3 day weekends, bringing our MacBooks home every night, 5 day PE, no uniforms), and we had to use the 6 thinking hats to think about it. My topic was soda fountains in school. We had to make a poster which had the 6 (or 4,5) thinking hats on it. We worked in a group to use the 6 thinking hats(but we only used 4: Red, Yellow, Black and White), we had fun. After we were done, we walked around the classroom looking at other group’s posters, we got comments from the other groups about our posters but most of them had nothing to do with the thinking hats so my teacher threw them away.

Reading Reflection: Finally

I am going to write a reading reflection about a book called Finally by Wendy Mass. I liked the book because it was really interesting and the events are unexpected. An interesting part I found in the book was at the end, when Rory(the main character) goes to her friend(who she helped before, her name is Sasha)’s house and realises that in the past she has helped everyone from Sasha’s family! I think I am most like Rory because she wants things and her parents say:”When you’re 12, when you’re 12″. Well, I always want things too and if it’s big things, sometimes my parents will go:”when you’re older”. I also think I’m like Rory because she’s more of the normal one who doesn’t really get to do a lot of (special)things. This book is similar to another book I read called Thirteen Plus One by Lauren Myracle, because it is also about a girl turning another year older. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes humourous, fun and funny stories.