Our Grade 5 Performance-a reflection

On January 5, 2011, the grade 5s had a performance, it was called: “We are History, We are Time”

“Different Interpretations of the Past can be Discovered by Investigating Historical Events.” That is our central idea for this unit. The whole performance was based on that sentence. The show is called the Let’s Make It Happen Celebration. This year, we did short skits in small groups that were approximately 2 minutes; each skit was about different perspectives on historical events. I was in a group with Alpha-Adventurer 20, Alpha-Adventurer 4 and Alpha-Adventurer 19. Our historical event was: The building of the pyramid of Giza. In our skit, we did a short play. It was about the 2 workers(Alpha-Adventurer 20 and 4) complaining to the (cursing) surveyor (Alpha-Adventurer 19) and the vizier (me!). We were all kind of arguing until they just go back to work. It was supposed to be a comedy but no one really laughed at the funny bits, they only laughed at the bit where Alpha-Adventurer 4 goes “Okay! Okay!” because she is being cursed by the surveyor. Each of the characters had their own perspective: The 2 workers were tired and wanted to have a break, the surveyor and vizier wants money and makes the workers go to work. The final performance was good, but there was a whole lot of work before the performance! We did a lot of research on the different perspectives, we had to find/make our own media, we had to pick what we were going to do, and right after the holidays ended we were up on the stage practicing for an hour for 2 days. The next day we were in the LLAC(Leo Lee Arts Center, which is where we perform, have lessons……)for the whole day and we ran through it around 3 times. After the 3 times, we were on the stage doing a dress rehearsal for the little kids. That was until the school day ended. We came back in the night time at 6:00 and at 6:30 we performed for the parents. It was tough, but it was worth it. I felt that we did pretty well, no one messed up their lines, our volume was okay, our media was right and okay. I kind of thought that our skit was a bit too short and know I think that I should have added a little bit of something to our skit. My family said that our performance was good, but my skit was too short. I was worried that one of us would forget our lines or something would go wrong, but nothing wrong happened! It was a success because nothing went wrong. I thought that was one of the best school performances. There were slideshows of us photos of us practicing for the performance, I saw myself around 3-4 times. In the end, all the classes went up to the stage to sing the final song: A Different Point of View. It is a song by the Pet Shop Boys but the Performing Arts teacher changed it so it fit our topic. I thought this whole performance was really good because I learned about a lot of different historical events and different perspectives of them. Some of the topics included: the Titanic, 911, the Vietnam War, the Korean War, the Battle of Britain, the Berlin Wall, SARS(Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), John Dillinger(the funniest skit) and the Colonization of  South Africa. Overall, I think this was an awesome performance and I don’t really think it could have been better!

Thank You!

My blog has really been getting better since I first started. I’ve gotten more visitors, I’ve gotten better at blogging, I know more about blogging……so I want to say thank you to my visitors and my school/teacher. I want to say thank you to the visitors of my blog because you guys have left comments and helped me improve my blog. I also want to say thank you to my school/teacher because if without them, I would’ve never had this blog. So a big thank you to you all!

Thank you!