Cupcake Diaries

I am reading a series called the Cupcake Diaries, and I think they are really good. My best friend in Canada has almost all of them, and she also says they are good. I am still reading the second book: Mia in the mix, I think there are 7 books. I hope I can get to read all of them! Here is the trailer for the books:


Our Awesome Christmas Party

Today we had an awesome christmas party at our school. There were 5 different classes: different things to do inside. 5A was the chill-out room, 5B was the art and crafts room, 5C was the movie room, 5D was the disco room and 5E was another movie room. I went to the disco with my friend Alpha-Adventurer 20, Alpha-Adventurer 4, Alpha-Adventurer 19 and some Dynamos, more Alpha-Adventurers, some Campers and some Extremes. We had a lot of fun. All I really did was go to the disco room and dance and also go out to eat. It was a bit like the Halloween party in October(I made a post about that too). Here are some songs that were played during the disco dancing:

DJ Got Us Falling in Love Again, Price Tag, Marry You, Beggin on Your Knees, Firework, Baby and more!

This time we really had an awesome christmas party, and after that, we had to go home(we had a half day), and the best part about that was: we got to bring our macbook pros home! The day I’d been waiting for was finally here!

So hope you guys have a really awesome christmas and a happy new year!

Christmas Time!

It’s christmas time here in Hong Kong but there is no snow. Grade 5 is going to have a christmas party on Friday and we are going to have tons and tons of chips! (again) When it’s time for us to go on our christmas break, we can bring our Macbook Pros home!(yay!) I’m so excited for that day to come……So hope all you guys have an awesome christmas and I’ll see you after the holidays! Have a merry christmas and a happy new year! :)

Merry Christmas!

A Game I Like

Here is a game I like: Webkinz. Webkinz is a game where you can adopt pets, feed them, buy beds, food, rooms, furniture and other stuff for your pets. But, you have to buy the pets in the real world! The pets are stuffed toys and there is a code attached to it. You enter in the code and you can adopt it. You can name your pet and set it’s gender. You can get more than 1 pet, did you know that I already have more than 50 webkinz? Your account will expire if you don’t play it, so add more pets and your account won’t expire so fast! Here is the link to Webkinz. Here are some pictures of webkinz that I have:

Here is the Webkinz giraffe, what the toy looks like and what it looks like on the internet.That’s the giraffe that I have,

Webkinz Signature Black LabThis is the Webkinz Signature Black Lab that I also have! That’s all I’m going to show you, hope you would can have your own Webkinz too! :)