Victorious Songs I Love

Victorious is a TV show that I really like, and in it there are some songs. Here are some of my favourites:

Best Friend’s Brother:


Freak the Freak Out:


Give It Up:


Finally Falling:


Begging On Your Knees


Leave It All To Shine:


That’s it guys! Those are the songs that I really like in Victorious.

The Junior Choir

Hi everyone! I’m going to talk about the Junior Choir. First of all, I’m in the Junior Choir. The Junior Choir consists of grade 3-6 students. First you have to go to an audition at the beginning of the school year, and Ms.Kinsinger will test you. How? She will ask you to sing “Happy Birthday” here is a cool version of Happy Birthday:


The Junior Choir always has lots of performances over the year, including Remembrance day, where we sang the national anthems(Canadian and Chinese) and I Believe, which was the Vancouver Winter Olympics 2008 theme song:


We are going to perform in Chinese New Year, and you can find the song here. It is called 西風的話。

To find out more, here is the link to the Junior Choir Website.

I really like the Junior Choir, and I love singing!

Shiny Search!

Have you ever tried Shiny Search? It’s a cool place where you can have your homepage with your name and what you like(e.g. Peace signs, Ferrari)! So first you go to the Shiny Search Website, type in your name, then pick a style. It will show up and you can either pick a different one or make it your homepage! My personal favourite is Taylor Swift and Pink Squiggles.

My Procedural Writing

This is a procedural writing I did in class about how to make Chocolate, enjoy!

How to make Chocolate
Cocoa pod
Cocoa Butter
1. Cut a  cocoa pod from a tree.
2. Take the seeds and the sugary gelatin-like pulps and put them in bags.
3. Send them to a factory.
4. Leave the seeds in ferment for 5 days so it can get flavour and turn brown. The seeds turn into beans.
5. Put the beans on mats to dry, turn them daily
6.Then, inspect and approve the cocoa beans.
7. Clean them, and sort them by size, country of origin
8. Roast the beans in large rotating cylinders for 30 min.-2hrs.
9. After they are cooled, use a machine to remove the shells.
10. Ground the beans to make a liquid called chocolate liquor.
11. To make cocoa powder, pump the liquor in hydraulic presses which press as hard as approx. 6000 pounds.
12. Then you can cool it, pulverise it or sift it to make cocoa powder.
13. Add milk for milk chocolate, sugar to sweeten it and extra cocoa butter for richer flavour and smoothness. Mix these into the chocolate liquor.
14. Pass the mixture between series of heavy rollers.
15.Temper the chocolate by heating it and cooling it.
16. This mixture can be poured into molds or used to cover biscuits, nuts, and other things.
17. When it’s cooled, the chocolate can be sent out and we can all eat it!

Hope You Enjoyed It!

BBB(Better Blogging Battle)

The BBB is a place where you can improve your blogging skills. Almost every week Ms. Cahusac will put up a challenge, and you have to do it. All you have to do to sign up is go to the Better Blogging Battle site, and leave a comment in the sign up tab of why you would like to join, then you’re in! It is sort of like a competition, and at the end people will vote for the best blogger in different categories, and you can get prizes which include: headphones, 4gb USB drives, and more! This is great for anyone who likes blogging, and wants to improve their skills. Hope you are interested in the BBB and if you are, please join!