It’s Halloween!

[youtube][/youtube]It was Halloween at our school and we had a lot of fun! We had a party and me and my friend Alpha-Adventurer 20 had a lot of food! Our class watched a movie called “Holes”, it’s a book by Louis Sachar. I was an Arabian Princess for Halloween. My favourite part was at the end, when I went to the disco! I loved it because we danced to one of my favourite songs: Dynomite by Taio Cruz! All of us jumped up and down when we were singing, it was super fun! Here is the song with lyrics, enjoy!

Our First Unit:How We Express Ourselves

Our first unit was based on“How We Express Ourselves” , and it was about communication technology. We learned about the history of different communication technologies (by making timelines), and about the different communication tools, for example blogging, Prezi, getting our new Macbook Pros, and so on. Our summative assesment for this unit was to invent/design a new communication technology and present it using Prezi (You will find the Prezi in my older posts) I thought this unit was quite interesting, not only because we got our Macbook pros, or because we got our blogs, but because we got to learn about different ways of communicating!

My Prezi: The Communi-Tablet

This tool is called a Communi-Tablet, it helps with work and has different formats of communicating with your audience, for example: Face chat, email, poster, letter, presentation, prezi, art and others. But those are not the only ones! You can add more functions in the “add new” button if you find an empty space, if you don’t have that because your page is full, go to the next page and you’ll find lots of space. Some Features are: it has it’s own printer at the back, it’s own Wi-fi and it’s touch screen. The iPad, Computer and Skype inspired this tool. When you’re done with your work, you can send it to someone, print it out from the back, or post it to the world, and people can comment. It’s shape is a paint blob, it can be any color you want, and the size is around iPad size. If you want to have face chat with someone else, that other person has to have a Communi-Tablet as well. You look for them in the search of your contacts, find them, add them, and if they’re online, you can chat. Below is a Prezi of my communication tool, I hope you can take a look at it!