Community and Service!

I have recently decided to take part in a new program implemented at our school, the Kids4Kids Reading Tree program. Since visiting Bali over CAS week and inciting a passion for teaching children, I have been looking for an opportunity like this. For this programme, I will be visiting a local school every two weeks to read to their primary school students and teach them basic english words. I hope this will help my communication skills and my ability to make well organized, well planned lessons will improve.



For the past year, I have been apart of the Digital Ambassadors Club at CDNIS. I have participated as an executive member and lead the group to learn about new digital technologies in order to help others as well as make change in use of technology at our school. For example, I have been a student representative at our school’s LTC. At this committee, I have been contributing my opinion as well as the opinion of Upper School Students on technology developments.

I think that this is important for my school community to develop. Without this, it is difficult for the school to make progress with technology and become better at utilising the right technologies, providing technology related services etc.


HKFC U12 2015

Outside of school, I am an assistant girls soccer coach for a U12 soccer team at the hong kong football club. I attend tournaments and coaching sessions on the weekends. I have been doing this activity for the past year.

I chose to do this because when I was starting out my soccer career, all of my coaches were male. I think that by giving the girls a female role model, it will make them more motivated to participate.

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