H&M Projection Mapping Store Launch

by 012058 on December 6, 2010


On 22, 23 & 24 of November 2010, H&M decided to bring the launching of their flagship store in Amsterdam, Netherlands, to live. Created by Muse Amsterdam, this 3D projection mapping on the historic building impressed the audience. For over 3 minutes, guests and a gathered crowd enjoyed a surreal fairytale of light and magical effects. The mapping projected a huge red ribbon that wrapped around the building, it soon untangled and revealed a virtual dollhouse filled with bright colors.

The use of technology can really serve as an advertising method to improve a company’s brand image. What H&M has decided to do here is out of the norm – it is not the usual; not the usual TV commercials and not the usual ads on the billboards. To catch the customer’s attention on such a special occasion, i.e., the launching of a flagship store, implementing this creative 3D visual will build up serious hype all over the internet. Not only do the pedestrians acknowledge this new store, videos that are posted up on YouTube acts as a free advertisement for the company. Essentially, innovative ways of technology usage is a very smart strategy in enlarging the company’s customer base.

Source: http://www.digitalbuzzblog.com/hm-projection-mapping-store-launch/

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